• 50 cm of snow at Nakiska near Calgary as well so we’re planning a few early morning runs on Saturday.  See how much sweajnr has remembered from last year.  Sweamrs also super keen to try out her new GS skis but I’m thinking that’ll be like driving a Ferrari at rush hour if she’s also going at 5 year old speed.

  • “oh the waxes! lets not get started on that!”

    Looks like your a Swix man.  Personally I’m more of a Rode when it’s cold and Swix for the warmer weather.

    Isn’t “blue with a purple stripe” the default answer?

  • Another Brit in Canada here.  There’s two elements to XC skiing – cardio and technique.  Of the two technique is far more important so I’m going to say that the 12 year old won’t be hugely disadvantaged to begin with.  As others have said though going downhill on nordic skis is a bit more tricky than on alpine skis.  Terrifying is a word I’d use…[Read more]