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    G-shock Rangeman Solar digital face – worn for everything, survives all, last one lasted 20yrs still going strong, gave it to my dad. Other watches do more, or better looking, but these are tough and if I ever break it, I won’t cry. I just don’t see how any watch with moving parts can be as durable. I had the chance of buying a analogue face…[Read more]

  • Good point, though what I am really looking for is peoples experience of riding them, do they love em, hate em, so so etc. Web is awash with reviews of fs ebikes, yet see very few on ht ebikes, which is odd as some of these ht ebikes are pretty high spec, so bike makers must think there is a market, but you would not use them in XC racing, so who…[Read more]

  • I would also add that yep dedicated shoes might give you that slightest advantage, just as having all the top kit and bike. But as always it mostly comes down to the rider and technique. There will always be a kid on a £200 pound bike, in converse and jeans that will shred past you. :0)

  • Five ten seem to be the go, will prob get some, that said I have always been fine with a good pair of trail running shoes, or approach shoes, some of which run the same stealth rubber, currently on Sportiva, possibly not as much grip, but good enough for jumps etc. The advantage of this type of shoe is they have way more grip off the bike, if you…[Read more]

  • Wera allen key set, Wera TX set, pleasure to use, Stainless are on Amazon at a great price atm.

  • Thanks for all the replies. In the end I just hired an ebike from Just Ride at Nerang, was awesome fun, reasonable price for hire, about half what you would pay for in the UK. Nerang has some great trails btw. Also there is a place hiring bikes up at Gap Creek near Mtn Cootha, will try that next time.

    With all the fires, park closure and temps…[Read more]

  • Been looking at a fs ebike for all-off road commute, nearly 20miles each way. Really liked the test runs I have had on fs ebikes. Whilst searching around for a good deal, I have seen a few hardtail ebikes, which are much cheaper. These all seem like good spec Levo HT etc, but wondering how they ride, it might be just the ticket for the commute…[Read more]

  • Are there any really good value bike makes out in OZ like Calibre, Boardman, Voodoo, I should look at. Or heavily discounting stores. I want to buy a cheapish bike in Oz, that can still be used as a proper MTB whilst I am out there, trail centres etc around Brisbane. I go every few years to see family, it can be kept at their place for the next…[Read more]