• My lads (11yo) Spesh Pitch XS wheelbase is a little short, meaning that his feet hit the front wheel very easily when turning the bars. His friends Marin has much better clearance.
    He now rides my Stanton Switchback gen1 16.5″ when we go to any trail centre. The hydraulic brakes and far superior forks have made his riding much more enjoyable. A…[Read more]

  • Lol! I just checked price of a ticket from Havant – London Waterloo. £71 return! That’s a similar distance to Glasgow – Edinburgh. Fortunately I don’t have to do it 🙂

  • +1 for the Worx!
    I got one in last years black Friday deals. Also bought a drill and impact driver at Xmas. They have been so good, I bought a strimmer in the spring! So now I have 4 batteries and chargers, so plenty spare. Its bloody brilliant! Far more powerful than anything else I’ve seen (mobi washers, ebay pumps). I use mine to clean the car…[Read more]

  • You thought about bootcamp? Train with lots of other like minded people, outdoor and exercises the whole body.
    I’ve been doing it a couple of times a week as I previously had only been doing cardio. Really enjoying it. Bootcamp UK offer 10 sessions for £10 as in into. Not sure if that’s close to you though

  • superfli replied to the topic muddy clothes and kit in the forum Bike Forum 4 weeks ago

    I usually drive to local trails so strip off and change at car. Keep an old car mat to stand on, magnetic light attached to car boot for night rides. Clothes and bike get hosed down with worx washer, 20ltr of water in container in boot. Clothes go in a big bucket. Once home I have a cheap washing machine in garage for muddy clothes. Hang…[Read more]