• Does the Samsung have baked in ads that you can’t disable like some do? Screw that if so.

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    We went to Mallorca in March 2018 when the ‘Beast of the East’ was plunging the UK into a cold snap. Mallorca was a bit chilly (~10 C) but quite a pleasant change. The riding there is fantastic and I’d echo all the above points about Porto do Pollença and easy bike hire etc. I hired a bike for a couple of days during a family holiday. Worked well.

  • I’ve just checked, and assuming it’s the same as on my browser (Safari) and using WTP2*, it’s quite confusing. You have to click Export, then change the dropdown box to “GPX > File” then click the Export button which is confusingly to the left of the drop down.

    Alternatively, copy and paste the text from the website into your text editor of…[Read more]

  • @superficial – so am i right in thinking that if the arteries are too hard this would lead to the heart having to pump harder when I stand up?

    No it’s not so much that. It’s about how your body can cope with the natural fluctuations in blood pressure. More elasticity = better damping of blood pressure ‘spikes’, maybe less risk of end-organ damage.

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    I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet recently..

    So have I, but that is comfortably the most awesome thing I’ve seen this year. Thanks for linking.

  • When stood up your heart has to pump blood over a larger height difference so will have to work harder.

    Well, yes. The mechanism is to do with a reduced venous return when you stand – less blood coming back to the (right) heart, lower stroke volume, so lower blood pressure, then a compensatory tachycardia as you mention. So it is a normal…[Read more]

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    Also, on snow, lock up are better for stopping in a straight line than ABS.

    That’s true for deep snow (and sand) where you can build up a pile of powder in front of your tyres to create a larger surface area. But 1) most of the snow we encounter here is hard-pack or only a few cm so that doesn’t apply and 2) ABS helps you maintain control of…[Read more]

  • My guess is that the software changed some proxy settings or something. I think there are proxy settings which are browser-specific.

  • So it installed itself without your input knowledge or permission? And you don’t want it? And it’s resisting ways to delete it? i think you have perfectly described malware.

  • Seems like a big expense to make your sick edits a bit sharper. Is it worth it?

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    Is it definitely the same model? As you say it’s unusual to see such a substantial discount on Apple. Make sure it’s not last year’s model.

    Or at least, be aware if it is – there’s nothing absolutely wrong with an older model although the 2018 base MBP was a bit wheezy. 2019 much better.

  • Statins do have significant sideffects and I believe these are quite common.

    Depends how you define common. If you measure side effects as a percentage of people taking them, they’re a remarkably safe drug that get a terrible press for no good reason. I see loads of people who take statins and lots of people erroneously attribute non-specific…[Read more]

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    Wow Chewkw is doing a good job of pretending to be more crazy than the OP’s SiL.

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    The irony, in case it’s not obvious is that the ‘bags for life’ are made of much thicker plastic and often contain 10-40x as much plastic as the older style plastic bags. I.e. you have to use them 10 times to ‘break even’ vs the older thin plastic bags.

  • So it sounds like antares above might have been naughty

    I suspect the PDNP might be equally bothered about people riding on that section of Stanage… But really, you are suggesting a need to take footage off Youtube in case it falls foul of PDNP byelaws?

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    In support of gwaelod’s ridiculous rant:

    Wolf moon

    I, like him, feel that there has been way more coverage of the moon in the past couple of years. Apart from a few amateur astronomers and the odd polymath (STW appears to have a few…) and I don’t believe it was a widely-recognised term until recently.

  • Been drone curious for ages and finally bit the bullet a few weeks back when I managed to snag a Mavic Mini with 20% off in one of ebays promotions. Nice little bit of kit and fits nicely in a bag to take out on the bike. Just hope they add active tracking on a future firmware update. Here’s a rough little edit I did when I first took it o…

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    You shouldn’t need an account to use the box if you never intend to use the NowTV streaming services (I think). But if you want to claim the free / included trial of NowTV streaming then I guess you will (essentially they make you sign up to a recurring contract that you can cancel at any time).

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    Well the third one down (Bella on grass) looked a bit off on my phone. Looking at it now on full size on the big screen I’m guessing has had some kind “oil painting” effect/filter applied to it? Which explains the posterisation and blotchy bits, but there is also a weird halo going on around the dog, especially above her head. Maybe a heavy sharp…

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  • Regular on a snowboard. Massively prefer frontside spins (spinning off heels) which I think comes from riding bikes and spinning in the direction of my back (left) foot as described above.

    So IMHO I don’t think snowboarding regular/goofiness is related to chocolate footedness (related: that phrase MUST be said in a German Hans Rey accent) but…[Read more]

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