• B & M Home Bargins, reading glasses are £1, I have a pair upstairs, downstairs and in the car, might buy some more. Been forced to accept that despite great distance vision with my contacts my reading needs epic contrast and light or cheap reading glasses. The Optician predicted this 2 years ago and unfortunately she was right.

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    For those flooded it’s pretty horrific but the actual number of properties flooded is very small. It was interesting hearing from a woman (in Calderdale I think) who took 8 months to get back in after their first flood, after the recent floods she was expecting a couple of days as the work done after the last flood meant the house just needed a…[Read more]

  • Why not replace the plug, 5 minute job and a much smaller hole? If you use the radiator pipe covers they’ll need to be siliconed to the wall or they slip down the cables.

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    We set up an old telly in a spare room downstairs for Xbox duties, kids go in there or we do, it’s nice and cosy in there when its cold and dark outside. Do have one in the bedroom, don’t use it much, occasionally weekend mornings with a cup of coffee. Only line we’ve drawn us no Tv’s in the kids bedrooms, but with all the other screens they have…[Read more]

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    A 14 year was mugged in Waterfoot, Rossendale a couple if days ago, van and car blocked him in and stole his Lapierre. Not exactly downtown Harpurhey.

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    Bright sunshine and clear skies here on the Calderdale border now, mental hail storm 30 minutes ago and air temp dropped 5 degrees.

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    To take your own life requires a major level of mental distress, I’m sure the media had a major part to play in getting her to that state (in conjunction with her own actions).

    I think there’s a much bigger issue here though around reality TV, of which Love Island is one of the more corrosive examples. There was a lot of debate around contestants…[Read more]

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    We go to Asda in Rawtenstall, been pretty good for years, both glasses and contacts. Not sure an independent is any better.

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    Wind has picked up, it’s lashing down and not due to stop until midday tomorrow. For those in the valley bottoms my heart goes out to you, it’s not looking good for Calderdale and Rossendale again.

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    Dave, because they supply water for drinking etc. Min in reservoirs have been pit in place though, Todmorden park has a river down the side and slice gates at either end, the park is funded. They can open the top gates at peak times and divert some of the flow into the park storing it until river levels drop and it can be released slowly. Flooding…[Read more]

  • Don’t think it was an orange warning last weekend and Calderdale / Rossendale got it bad. Think the Lakes is outside the orange zone. Wind will make the motorways fun, got to go over the M62 to Leeds 4 times this weekend.

  • All of the cavity insulation allow water to cross the cavity. The cavity is there as a physical barrier to stop water reaching the inner wall, not to stuff full of insulation. Even on new builds there’s still a gap. Cold spots can also be an issue if the insulation doesn’t fully fill the cavity which is highly likely. This can cause condensation…[Read more]

  • Just turn off the boiler, isolate the rads to reduce water and inhibitor. Get as much water out as possible as it will conduct heat away from the joint when soldering. Father in law who was a plumber used to shove balled up bread into the pipe to stop drips, this might have only been on hot / cold pipes where the bread could be forced out with…[Read more]

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    You’ll be there forever with a Drexel. Multi tool with a Bosch grout blade, don’t buy a cheaper blade it will be rubbish. Anything that removes the grout at a reasonable rate will also eat tiles. It will be very very dusty.

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    Turboferret, that looks like a total bodge, it’s not exactly difficult or expensive to use proper ridge tiles.

  • Depends on the company, generally they lease you a car which includes servicing, tax etc. They sort insurance. You then pay a lot of extra tax, will dependbon the value of ghe car, engine etc. Its not as attractive as it used to be as they’ve been steadily pushing the tax rates up. You also have nothing to show for if you leave. You might also get…[Read more]

  • Bright sunshine up here now, very very windy still.

  • The rain’s been quite brown in East Lancs, or is when it reaches the rivers.

  • Yep tinas that’s a fair point, there’s a lot more to it than avoiding the packaging, same with reusable glass, only works if there’s proper infrastructure so the old milk bottle system worked well collecting them was effectively free and they went back to a dedicated supplier, they bottles probably got used more than enough times to justify the…[Read more]

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    Very wet at the source of the Irwell, gardens flooded and we’re on a slope, not seen this much water in a long time.

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