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    This do? Says it’s for residential use.

  • Personally I wouldn’t be that sorry to see greetings cards disappearing, at bit pointless and not exactly in the spirit of environmental awareness. Then there’s all the single use tat Clinton’s sell, especially the helium balloons. I think their time is over.

  • Ok so lower funding of state school places has been identified as an issue. Not sure how private schools will effect that.

    1. Banning private schools would not increase the will to properly fund state schools. The money would need to diverted from elsewhere, a 3 fold increase (based on comments above) would be needed, not going to happen.
    2.…[Read more]

  • Virgin refunded our tickets automatically last week, no need for human intervention. Although the ticket inspector was a decent human being, the guy in the next seat didn’t have the right email for his internet ticket, the guard gave him a chance to find the right email, the guy was genuine enough and rang a number of people to try and get the…[Read more]

  • Just wondering if banning private schools would extend to the specialist schools like the Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Ballet School, Hammond School, Tring School for the Perfoming Arts, Cheethams School of Music, etc. as they offer fantastically superior education in these areas compared to state schools. Would closing them bring up the standard…[Read more]

  • They may be setting you up for a compromise agreement, which was what effectively happened to me. HR were useless / complicit. Unfortunately the employment protection we have is pretty useless in the real world. Might be worth talking to a lawyer to use as leverage towards a compromise agreement, but you can only go for constructive dismissal once…[Read more]

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    But if it’s cash on collection how could PayPal be involved. I turned up, paid cash but didn’t take the speakers? Same with EBay, they still prefer you use PayPal to avoid issues.

  • I’m not convinced she’d be a whole lot better off under Labour if we still come out of the EU. The EU is probably key here, it will help protect her employment rights (anything Jezza brings in can be reversed or water down later and Labour is more interested in Unionised workforce rather than individual gig economy workers) and if the economy…[Read more]

  • Not at that price.

  • Krixmeister, casting couch?

  • Where was the oddest place you’ve been interviewed? Just had a phone interview from the HR VP whilst stood on the concourse of Glasgow railway station. The interviewer was in Green Bay Wisconsin. Not the easiest interview I’ve done. Must be stranger interviews amongst you lot though.

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    Yep, I also hate the sleep awake transitions, can’t even lie in properly anymore. I wake up but not enough to want to get up. I also put off the simplest of things that just need doing due to some unknown fear. Life feels like a struggle at times just to function. Ironically I like being busy, feel guilty if I don’t “achieve” something each day.

  • Talk to your partner, clearly layout your issues and how you feel. Don’t thresten to leave, that will only escalate things, but know that unless what you tell her comes as a surprise and she wants to change things, you will need to get out of the relationship or put up with being down the pecking order.

    Personally I’d be considering getting out.

  • I dont buy it (hate Halloween) but loads of people obviously do fuelled by the supermarkets making it available. Bit of a case of demand created by availability.

  • We got my a daughter a great singer machine in Lidl or Aldi last year, wasn’t expensive and does around 60 stitch patterns. I’d go for a new one, a second hand hummed up one could be a nightmare to set cotton tension and really frustrating. Anyway overlockers are where its at these days.

  • You would think they would be wipe clean but the surface seems to be porous and they look worn quickly.

  • Trail_rat, I’d not seen that but good news. I find Halloween worse than Christmas, at least Christmas lasts a couple of weeks and most people reuse their decorations each year.

  • These?

    Look very similar to the screwfix ones which I think would easily take a car. I’ve got the Screwfix tiles, onlybussues I’ve had is they expand quickly in direct sunlight and they absorb dirt but otherwise they’ve been good.

  • Anyone else uneasy with the amount of single use tat on sale in the supermarkets at the moment. Given the focus extinction rebellion / Attenborough have brought to our currently unsustainable lifestyles it’s a bit depressing seeing the pointless consumption of significant amounts of useless plastic which is getting worse each year. Anyone else…[Read more]

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    Had the same shock after feeding the guinea pigs raw beetroot!

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