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    Be careful of clocked vans if you’re buying at the newer end. A lot of sprinters do a lot of miles and are clocked before the first mot.
    What’s your budget? Don’t worry about long distance courier use but multi drop can be a hard life.

  • dannyh yes that was part of what I meant but also about trail damage too. Yes trails get used and sometimes get muddy but we should all do what we can to minimise the impact our use causes and riding trails after so much rain in so little time is not going to do that.

  • Please leave for another time, the flooding in the surrounding areas is huge, we’ve had a months rainfall yesterday in a day and everything will be better left for another day.

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    Turning the engine off and on will be resetting whatever fault is causing the car to drop in to limp mode. Faults are of different types some auto latch and remain fully until reset, some might leave light on but reset with ignition and others will clear completely. I’d echo the above of make it do it, take it to garage and get them to re codes…[Read more]

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    6 speed box doesn’t give better economy. Lower rpm is such a small part of what fuel is used for especially at higher speeds that it’s a negligible difference. Air resistance and tyre drag play the lions part.

  • Destriction does impact on warranty and should be much harder to do and easier to check going forward as suppliers have been made to tighten up on it

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    I do a lot with transporters (and might be able to help you find a van for a good price, pm or email me to discuss if it does come to it) and would say the 102bhp is the best option. It’s the most fuel efficient version in the whole range and price impact over an 84bhp should be minimal.
    Depending on budget don’t rule out a t6 as well (2015 65 on)…[Read more]