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    Similar issues in our house, Eldest 10 is a nightmare for being picky. Was fine when she was younger, but as soon as she was old enough to have a say in it took a dislike to most things. She also has a weird one-in, one-out mentality with what she likes, she used to like Ketchup, then she discovered bbq sauce, as they are both sauces and she likes…[Read more]

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    They are addictive, even though I’ve not done one for a couple of years, am injured, it’s £60, and I live in London – just seeing this thread has me almost signing up

  • steve-g replied to the topic What dark rum for sipping? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    StefMCDef has the correct answer in my book.

    Diplomatico Reserva is lovely but it’s a teeny bit burny, then also a teeny bit too sweet and these 2 kind of net off to being very good. Santa Teresa Solara for me is the perfection that all other rums are compared against. Worth the extra few quid.

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    Another vote for Mario Odyssey. It is technically 2 player but not really but is still the best game on the Switch by a mile.

    Super Mario Vs Rabbids is decent with a mix of one and two player modes and some difficult levels unlocked at the end that would entertain adults.

    Could grab a cheap year old Fifa if that’s not one you have…[Read more]