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    Brilliant news and Max rendall makes decent videos under the sleeper guise so this should be great to watch. Good luck Cathro.

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    I love Iggy , the new song is fine . I think he is one of the last true Rockstars and its amazing he is actually still here and working. I much rather prefer listening to Iggy drawl away presenting on 6 music than Mary Ann Hobbs talking about something being cosmically and sonically the next big thing.

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    Just been caught out with this as well , looking like about £3200 . As no real savings im wondering the best way to try and pay it back . Looks like it ill be a loan through works credit union or see If they can take the payment back through my tax. Really crap system and you still have to go ahead and stop the payments or they just keep on paying you.

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    Cathro , Wyntv, BKXC , Dudes of Hazard , Paul the punter, reluctant rider, skills with phill , seths bike etc etc. For non biking 1bike1world is the best guy on youtube , A young dude from Dunbar travelling the world and saving the planet.

  • Im a driver with Scotrail and you will have no problem , the trains on the hour are 8 cars and the 7 oclock leaving either Embra or Glasgow isnt actually busy till it hits Falkirk.

  • Went to Ae to find some of the secret trails , one mate broke his bike and my son managed to slice right through his kneecap . So we ended up 80 miles from home in A&E in Dumfries and with an emergency op and overnight stay . A day to forget .

  • They look fine for the price but the sole looks very similiar to the Scott FR10 which I bought from start cycles for about £30. They are in no way a 5.10 equivalent , good looking but the sole has nowhere near the grip . The Scotts are ok for a quick local spin but I doubt you would want to be thrashing down techy trails on long uplift days. Id…[Read more]

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