• yeah that Circe is lovely, I also saw a converted “conventional” tandem, longer rack and big bags type of thing, dunno if it would be strong enough to carry two child seats though, i’ll see if I can dig it up

  • Ah fair enough TiRed, I’m having a shit day ( humans are quite annoying) and its not your fault 🙂 (unless your one of the humans thats been in to annoy me today)
    I have a mate who’s used Charlotte’s Tandems in the past. I have a Tandem of my own so it’s not something we’ve looked into other than on his behalf.
    I think my brothers plan is to…[Read more]

  • I think your passive agresive statement speaks for itself. If you have children who are both able and like cycliung then yes maybe a tandem is the best solution. If that’s not the case then a cargo bike makes a lot of sense, I’ve not told you why my nieces are on the cargo bike at that age and you didn’t ask before telling me how wonderful your…[Read more]

  • Sorry TiRed I thought the OP wanted advice and experience about cargo bikes, but it’s obviously a oneupmanship exercise in who’s children can ride the furthest at the youngest age. Hey Ho whatever floats your boat I suppose.

    I’ve seen somewhere a tandem converted to cargo use, might be worth a look as you’ll be able to convert it back and pull a…[Read more]

  • Sunday Model C 24″ BMX, its not a cruiser its a scaled up park/street BMX for old beggars like me :). Original stock spec apart from the bars which i…

  • Oddly I think i’ve shrunk since I last had this built up 🙂 Kaffenback in large with a mish mash of parts, Ultegra 9spd shifters, Deore mech, XT cranks with…

  • Marino ? they’ll build it how you want it, just copy whatever geometry you fancy and away you go 🙂

  • What frame have you broken/been offered?

  • I’ve got a Mk1 Yuba Mundo and my brother has a current generation Mundo, both great to be honest. He’s been carrying his twins on it for 2 years (they are 8 now and still fit on it) he bought the monkey bars,deck,footboards and deck cushion, at the time it came to £1300 or so but it was called the Mundo Classic so I think was on offer (didnt have…[Read more]

  • Cheers all.
    I only started racing DH and enduro in my forties (mostly Winter DH and Mini DH with the odd enduro if its somewhere interesting), not discgraced myself yet (4th overall for one winter series, not achieved that heady height since mind)

  • spev replied to the topic Help me! Budget tablet quandry in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Cheers all, bought a tabA 2019 10.1″ in the end, does the job I wanted, other than that its difficult to buy anything else as apart from Currys no one has stores with stock (and currys has limited stock) and its the sort of thing i like to have a look at first 🙂

  • So, im currently 49, I turn 50 on May 27th 2020, so do I enter Vets as I’m 49 on the 1st Jan or do I enter Grand Vets as I’ll be 50 for the majority of the year (and races). I’ve looked at the BCF and it mentions birthdays and when the fall for under 19’s but there’s little clarification for old sods like me. I could avoid this by a.Not Racing or…[Read more]

  • spev replied to the topic Help me! Budget tablet quandry in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Yeah that’s what I thought about the Apple, I don’t have many apps that I use really anyway so that wouldn’t be a problem, but the price doesn’t seem justifiable really. I did consider the Huawei tabs but there aren’t many reviews of them. I’ll go look at the Tab A tomorrow and decide. Cheers for the feedback all. (woulda replied earlier but…[Read more]

  • I’ve dropped my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, not worth repairing it. Given I only use the tablet for web,email, light gaming,( card games and puzzles mostly) Netflix and streaming stuff from Google play and music I have a dilemma. Should I get a Galaxy tab A 10.2″ for about £159, an iPad 10.2″ at £289 or something in between? It needs to be 10″ or b…[Read more]

  • spev replied to the topic Masts – Felling in the forum Bike Forum 4 weeks ago

    Still rideable , the lines into some have had to be modified after the road was upgraded. Personally I avoid it during weekdays. Rode it a fortnight ago without seeing many up there.

  • Up there somewhere someone mentioned alpine uplifts being open in the winter, yes they are but you are usually dressed for an alpine winter based on skiing (not pedalling) or snowboarding (still not pedalling) so are obviously better wrapped ( i’d hope anyway) and usually in warm windproof gear not waterproofs.

  • spev replied to the topic Looking for HT frame….. in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Bonzodog, my mate might be interested in that Cotic if the OP is isn’t, how much would you be wanting?

  • spev replied to the topic MacBook terminal help in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    fair I suppose, it may be a tad harsh on Apple but even so, whenever a Windows update comes along it does check HD space and if its too low to continue then it returns to previous so you can clear out the crap, this update doesn’t do that (and it would appear we aren’t the only ones having this problem) it just falls into a reboot loop. Luckily…[Read more]

  • spev replied to the topic MacBook terminal help in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    You sir are a bloody genius
    Apple on the other hand can take their Catalina update and sod off

  • spev replied to the topic MacBook terminal help in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    With or without it tells me it doesn’t exist, it’s very frustrating as I’m pretty sure that’s where the users directory is. Other than downloading Catalina onto a USB stick and formatting and reinstalling I’m running out of ideas

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