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    What Nick said. I’d always stay in Morzine over Les Gets. Nothing against the place but I wouldn’t want to pedal a big bike up that hill at the end of the day.

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    Will have a little bit more friction than a well sorted derailleur but that can be offset by it being kept clean inside a box. Def think that a mech in a box solution ios the way forward but how on earth are Shimano able to patent this with the Honda gearbox (and all the others) in existence? (though this seems to be more about the lube than…[Read more]

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    Not tried it but the Endura one on sale at Evans looks like a bargain. His & hers colours too if they like that sort of thing.

    Endura Jkt at Evans

  • We made cheesecake in “home economics” lessons in school when I was a kid using crushed digestives* and butter etc. Was one of the easier things to do and came out really well iirc. I haven’t made one since mind but at least I know I could.

    There;s a lot of pressure on kids (and teachers) these days, give them a break.

    * what else are you…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone. Im sorted now. I decided £5.99/month didn’t seem too bad

    Cost me that for the whole thing off eBay but it’s your money.

  • eBay at less than a tenner for the full suite. Have done it a few times recently and all good. No need to pay more, just check the feedback.


  • There’s no effective chain growth/shrink, at least with absolute black oval rings. The mech doesn’t really move when pedalling. Maybe about 1mm at the end of the mech, and much of that is probably down to the tolerances in the entire system (mech wiggles back and forth a bit just peddalling a conventional round ring when on the bike sta…

    [Read more]

  • I don’t see much more mech movement with the oval ring than I did with a round one and it’s at a much lower frequency than the bump/chaingrowth induced movement from the suspension so I doubt it’s a factor.

  • Shame. I quite liked the ethos and they got good reviews. Hope the guys didn’t lose out too badly o it, I can imagine making shoes isn’t cheap.

    Just a shame they were so damn ugly and expensive. Never a great combination. I did think about them the other day but struggled to look them up as I couldn’t rememeber the name.

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    I don’t give a flying **** what the other LibDem policies are they’re the only chance in my constituency of ousting the current Tory MP (it’s a slim 2.5k majority in a previously LibDem town) and avoiding Brexit.

    I’d urge any vaguely sensible person to vote for whoever has most chance of opposing the Tories in their locale (short of voting…[Read more]

  • Did it.

    I think most of the “problem” of non repairability of modern consumer electronics comes from the integration and specific design. Virtually nothing is made of standard components any more and no company wants to manufacture and warehouse “spare parts” for ever and a day. It’s just going to sit there eating up space and capital and the…[Read more]

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    Oh FFS can this get any more ridiculous?

    What is a GE going to give prove? Why have the opposition parties agreed to it?

    I’m at a complete loss. Did no-one listen to Tony Blair yesterday or is this everyone actively ignoring him?

  • We went through a few. We bought some system thing first of all and the having the ability to transfer the carry cot thing and first car seat directly to a car was a useful feature and we managed to pick up a spare car attachment so we could have one iso-fixed in each car.

    After they get big and strong enough I’d say Nipper 360 all the way.…[Read more]

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    Did Les 2 Alpes this year and it was fabulous. Bluebird skies everyday and err quite warm. Never known anything like it for temperature. Snow suffered but as a first family ski trip it was awesome. Flights were about £1k for 4 with Jet2 into Grenoble and that was a week outside 1/2 term. !/2 term itself was above the threshold so we bunked the…[Read more]

  • Why does McKinnon defend her position so aggressively?

    Because she’s a bully masquerading as a victim.

    She’s playing both poacher and gamekeeper simultaneously and because she’s playing the trans card from both sides, she’s untouchable. She has set this up in such a way as she cannot be criticized for fear of those calling her out as a cheat…[Read more]

  • Just take a file to the bits that overlap so they’re and add a chamfer towards the backing plate so that the pad doesn’t touch the edges/spokes. That should sort it.

    Wavy discs are a bit frustrating in that the theory of wiping the surface clean probably has some merit but the bits that are constantly in touch with the disc surface wear more…[Read more]

  • Is “Get Brexit done” the new “Take back control”? It’s got the stick of Cummings all over it.

  • I couldn’t give a flying wotsit, in fact I think it’s brilliant. How else are manufacturers supposed to improve the breed if they can’t test in competition?

    Who are insync anyway? Literally never heard of them before this article! And how do they think they’re going to improve on bikes that have had years of development gone into them. It’s not…[Read more]

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    Jamze that could have been the view from my roof twice a day through a fair chunk of September. Glorious things and quite loud for something puporting to be “stealth” ;o)

  • I’ve never had one but often covetted them.

    Does Mongoose these days have any relation to the original or s it just a brand name to be bought, sold and exploited?

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