• France left a lot of points on the pitch there, unlike the Welsh who put away all but one of their opportunities. That’s not a compliment to Wales when they only run by 1 point Vs 14 men
    SA and Japan have the weapons to put those points on Wales.
    See you in the third place playoff when the kiwis beat us

    SA kiwi final

  • Ooh nearly got a bit dusty in here watching Best get subbed off there
    Hell of a player and not the result you’d wish for him to retire on

  • Aus always seemed to have that lingering threat of getting a break and scoring from their own half with the speed of that 3/4 line, especially the number 11 who made some very fast eng players look flat-footed in that not-a-try*

    Glad we put away the shackle-draggers in that manner, defence looks good and there’s more to come in attack

    *not sure…[Read more]