• Hi guys

    Unfortunately my code rsc brakes have a problem in one lever. Believed to be sticky lever piston. Contacted sram about it and they said the later gen2 internals dont cause an issue… post 2017 I was told by sram. Well I’m pretty sure mine are 2018.

    So is this just a one off fluke? Or are people not have trouble after 2017?

    Thanks guys

  • souster4 replied to the topic Chain cleaning in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    I use a splash of petrol in an old jam jar. Shake it up and leave for a few hours. Then rinse chain and dry.

    Then leave jar of petrol, and the silt settles to the bottom. A fairly fresh petrol ontop, goes into another jar. And keep switching

  • Just been in contact with sram, who also want my brake back for warranty. So I’ll be without a brake for god knows how long.

    I’ve been looking into magura to be honest too. They arent without their issues. Over torquing the lever bolts I think I’ll be okay with… it’s not getting them to bleed properly, and if I brake a lever in france or…[Read more]

  • I’ve currently got the same problem with my code rsc. Is it when the lever is slow to return and doesnt just bounce back?

    If so it’s the 2nd time it’s happened to me. So also thinking of another brand.

  • Harsh and unnecessary comment cyclelife. He just gave an opinion like yours, no better or worse. Get off the guys back!

  • souster4 started the topic Wet weather brake pads in the forum Bike Forum 4 months ago

    My brakes on my winter hack are driving me insane, I dont think they could get much louder and any more annoying when wet. And I’ve finished the descent by the time they’ve shut up.

    I’m currently using uberbikes sintered and semi metallic. Great brakes in bone dry, but anything wetter than that and they are noisy. Deffo not contaminated!…[Read more]