• Ripped off IMO. Threaded tool is 15 quid, threaded BB is about 20 for a decent one. Takes 15 minutes to replace. You’ve been done there.

    **** sakes, you all wonder why local shops are going out of business.

    Some people have no concept of actually how much it costs to run a business, and heaven forbid how very dare they make a profit from t…[Read more]

  • This x1000. I seem to have far fewer near misses than many people from reading on here. Helmet lights are not helpful on the road – they’re in an odd place (high up), they move, so they’re not a fixed point of reference. They’re often dazzling too, which means drivers have very little ability to accurately identify where you are.

    That’s underst…[Read more]

  • As the title says, riding down a road in south west London, near Richmond Park. Cars parked on both sides, a car pulls over to let me through, as I approach the pulled over car, just beyond there is a road on the left that joins the one I’m on, I see some bloke in a W*nker Tank(4×4) arriving at the end of this road.

    I’ve got a flashing helmet…[Read more]

  • Sonor replied to the topic Sir Martin's leaked report in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    It’s vitally important to understand why people died despite the best efforts of the firefighters. What were the sequence of events that led to loss of life and what can we do to prevent that same sequence of events re-occurring if another fire were to break out. If the fire brigade had known the building better, the fact the cladding was going t…

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  • Sonor replied to the topic Sir Martin's leaked report in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    I grew up around there and having been in the building in question many times, there was always one problem when the building was constructed: One stairwell.

    If all the fire barriers within the building were intact, then the stay put advice would have been sound. The building was concrete with metal window frames. This changed with the cladding…[Read more]