• If the axle is still visible between the dropouts, have you tried grabbing it with some molegrips and twisting? From what you described if just the handle has gone, you might be lucky.

  • I have SRAM on all of my bikes – road, NTB and winter road bike which gets the worst of the weather and road grime. Non of them rub.

    I am fastidious with bleeding and find that tapping the caliper and hose from the caliper to the lever during the final stage when the caliper end is closed is essential. Usually a solitary bubble pops out and that…[Read more]

  • Worth every penny if you can stretch to it. As above, I wouldn’t go back to cables.

  • Thomson Seatpost 30.9 x 410 Immaculate above insertion point (26cm below saddle rails)  very slight insertion mark £25 posted XT Trekking SPDs, PD-T870 My wife used them twice before deciding to…

  • Ha. OK, it’s neat and tidy, but maybe not basic!

  • I used a bladder for years. Always carried the kitchen sink ‘just in case’, but one day I went out without it and discovered how constraining having something heavy on your back and straps over your shoulders and chest is. The freedom of movement is noticeable whithout a bladder on your back, but it does offer a little crash protection.

    Went back…[Read more]

  • Do it.

    Ti hardtail, no frame furniture, wireless shifting and dropper. Super simple, back to basics. Best bike I have ever ridden and after years of trying various suspension bikes, I have returned to a classic Ti hardtail.

  • solarider replied to the topic Permanent move to Canada in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Having lived overseas a few times, I would instinctively say do it. The life experience and change alone make it a valuable and enjoyable adventure.

    But I have always moved overseas because of work (and usually a promotion), with a ready made life already waiting for me. As such, making the leap of faith that you describe is quite different.…[Read more]

  • I have tried to condition myself over (too) many years of riding (and mostly on the road) to spin circles. Riding off road however is more of a staccato kind of riding style with short bursts and constant adjustment in technical sections.

    Having run 1 x oval on the road and definitely noticed a positive difference I tried it off road and really…[Read more]

  • Thanks all. Obviously meant want him to love it, not not love it!!!

  • I am a lifelong skier. Happy to ski pretty much anywhere. Mrs Solarider was a late starter and is a little more difficult to please. But this year for the first time we are taking Solarider Jnr. He will be 4, but 1 month of his 5th birthday when we go. This adds a whole new dimension of need.

    Any good recommendations?

    1) Must have good English…[Read more]

  • solarider replied to the topic Gravel bike pedals. in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    The key here is shoes, not pedals. I only now run a mountain bike and a gravel bike. I no longer own a road bike. Over the winter with guards and 38mm slicks. In the summer with deep section road wheels and 25mm road tyres. In all guises I now run XTR SPDs. With Sidi Tiger shoes I have all of the stiffness I need for putting down power on a long…[Read more]

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    For the first time in my life, I really don’t know who to vote for.

    After 3 years of damaging bickering, I do believe that we need a majority government. Coalitions just tread water and focus on in-fighting rather than moving forward.

    Realistically the vote therefore is for Conservative or Labour. If you don’t want Labour, you have to vote…[Read more]

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    I am a Brexit Remainer living in an overwhelmingly Remain constituency. Hilariously we just had the local Conservative candidate flyer through the door. The first line states ‘this election is not about Brexit’. Hasn’t he read Boris’s memos?!!

  • You have to think of the shifter as a rocker switch rather than 2 levers. In that respect SRAM did rethink it. Your thumb sits in the channel down the middle and rather than replicating pushing on 2 separate levers, you just rotate your thumb up and down with very little effort. It’s a far more subtle movement for sure and at first I had to s…[Read more]

  • Eagle AXS on the mountain bike (inc the dropper). Red AXS on the road bike. Clean lines, easy set up, accurate shifting, decent battery life. So far it is holding up well in the muck too. The ergonomics are also amazing without the need for lever throw.

    Just a bit pricey. As Ferris Bueller once said ‘If you have the means I highly recommend it’.

  • Finally having started the thread we saw it this week. I thought it definitely lived up to the hype. His descent into the Joker and the role that society played was really well done. My only criticism would be that I would liked to have spent more time on screen with the confident, witty final character that appeared on Mur-RAY’s talk show. The…[Read more]

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    So, a South African TMO and referee clearly fancied playing Wales more than France in the semi and ‘couldn’t quite see’ that the forward pass went forward. Hmmmmmm……………you take your luck where you find it!

  • solarider replied to the topic GX Eagle a pile of poo in the forum Bike Forum 4 months ago

    I ran it for a while without issue. Never needed adjusting, sharp shifting, no complaints. I do suspect that all 12 speed is more susceptible to alignment, adjustment and set up. But if all of that is in good order it works well.