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    I usually spend as much time mopping the kitchen floor, rinsing the bath out and removing gravel from the washing machine filter as I do maintaining my bike, this ia a contentious issue in our house!

    What I will reccomend – when I redid our kitchen i replaced the rads with Plinth eaters – this gives you blown, warm air, but run off your normal…[Read more]

  • Garmin is on a knock-off ‘out front’ type mount – puts it where you can actually see it too. Bar clamp section is only about 5mm wide so it grips the taperered handlebar fine.

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    There are some things in life that are simple – Bigger, is better.

    So long as it can by physically fitted into your garage, always buy the biggest compressor possible. They are infinitely useful.

    Often available used, keep an eye of facebook, gumtree etc.

  • Garmin connect does that – not sure if the app works with none Garmin devices.

    I stop my bike, hit ‘stop’ on the garmin, then as long as there is phone signal. by the time I’ve caught my breath, Garmin has sent it via bluetooth to garmin connect, garmin connect has sync’ed with Strava, and Strava pings me a new notificaton to tell my my latest…[Read more]