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    If you like Money Heist which I though was brilliant, watch Elite next which has three of the Money Heist cast also in it – Alison Parker, Denver & Rio. Also really good.

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    Hi John,

    If you have not already started this you can take out a Paypal dispute with him. Linky

  • Without seeing and testing it sounds like you have unbalanced cells within the battery, as soon as one cell (or pair paralleled) reach 4.2V the protection circuit will trip as this is the over charge cut-off voltage. This will also work on discharge as the lower voltage cells will reach the end of discharge voltage first – Hence unbalanced…[Read more]

  • They should be 2 in series (7.5V) and 3 in parallel (*.*Ah). After a full charge the output voltage on the battery should read 8.4V. How are you measuring the voltage? Off load or on load as it will differ.
    You said you have bought replacements? Do you mean cells to make you’re own or a complete built battery.
    The guys above have covered most o…[Read more]