• Just posting an update in case anyone else searches for something similar, given my difficulty finding the answer…

    In short, I did a damper service and it has significantly reduced the harshness that had crept into my fork.

    I basically tried what science officer said and serviced the damper in the fork (still attached to the bike). I used the…[Read more]

  • Well I’ve made a fairly strong effort to spend less money on the bike but it didn’t go so well…

    Under £10 – Diagonal snips. Got a cheap set off Amazon, and immediately realised I’d been a d*ck for not getting them earlier. All I use them for is trimming zip ties, but once you get a zip tie flush so it doesn’t scratch you / rip apart your…[Read more]

  • Also, have you considered the outcry of the police weren’t arresting suspected paedophiles?

    What if that same paedophile went on to harm a child, rather than be subject to bail conditions, etc?

    I’m not advocating locking everyone up. I am suggesting that both sides need to be considered, and the health and welfare of vulnerable people (such as…[Read more]

  • The police have acted correctly here from what I can see –
    They had a suspicion someone had committed a crime. Given the nature of the crime it is important to seize any electronic devices for examination, the powers of which require arrest. No arrest could lead to the destruction / disposal of crucial evidence. They will also have needed to…[Read more]