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    Oh maaan! When did the fattist not being allowed thing happen?

  • Goat milk for me and been doing so for the last 4 years or so.

    Cow juice and associated products cause my psoriasis to flare up. Goat milk makes it go away, simple choice really.

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    andyg1966 & img + me too, although I’m not an electrical engineer but mainly because a recent thunder flash directly overhead knocked out my modem router and the Ethernet port into the iMac which was connected by cat5 to the router, permanently 😳

    Which reminds me to see if the Genius Bar will repair the Ethernet port…

  • Thanks very much for your input people! Polysulphate cartridges / Combicare/mate eh? I shall engage some google-fu as so far, this sounds like a viable option, especially as they’re good to go for drinking water.

  • With nearly 50 residential houses to look after and maintain in an excessively hard water area, I’m looking at ways I can be more proactive and preventative as far as looking after the plumbing systems and infrastructure in the properties.

    Limescale build up starts to cost in terms of replacements of taps, immersion elements, heating coils, t…[Read more]

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    It’s nothing short of a scam. We too have had to repay close to £3000 of supposed overpayments, despite us providing them with all the information they required each year on a timely basis. They backdated some of our ‘overpayments’ to 2009! When we tried to appeal we were eventually informed we were too late as their appeal deadline had passed…[Read more]

  • Feel your pain OP and other chronic nerve pain sufferers. I’ve just recovered from 2 months of a trapped Femoral nerve and have a history of other back issues including sciatica, sacroiliac, prolapsed neck discs going back some 30 years.

    The recent Femoral nerve issue has been my first episode for over 11 years and interestingly enough for me, h…[Read more]

  • In order for me to judge fully and completely, please would you ask your wife to write down the sequence of events as she witnessed them. We’ll forego the statements from the mobile phone user and the other motorist, mainly because they’ll no doubt be tricky to trace, however, for the purposes of a balanced account… Ta.

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    ‘89 splatter paint Explosif (Tange Prestige tubeset) with Tange Switchblades forks, it zinged, it buzzed, it skipped… 30 years ago now…

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    😂 ^ well… that’s one interpretation! 🤣

  • slackalice replied to the topic Kanye West – "I am a God" in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Whatev’s… he certainly wasn’t all that at Glastonbury and as for being the greatest performer… he’s probably too young to have seen Freddie and more than likely doesn’t get invited to go see Bruce Springsteen. Does he have ‘stage presence’? I don’t know, I’ve not seen him live but I have seen Marylin Manson and he certainly does have stage…[Read more]

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    Provide the person of the household who wants the paint removed a wire brush, face mask, eye protection, overalls and a couple of dust sheets. Then go out for a ride.

    Length of ride isn’t important so long as it’s over an hour and upon your return, the idea will have been dropped. You might have to do a small amount of clearing up, but tha…[Read more]

  • It’s very common in new build houses.
    Nothing wrong with it if installed correctly.

    And there lies the problem…

  • You mentioned something about a sceptic tank? So presumably you’re not connected to mains drainage? Or perhaps if you are now, the house might not have been when it was built.

    In which case, the black and grey (foul) water and waste would have drained into a brick lined tank that contained the solids and a secondary tank would have contained t…[Read more]

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    Lefty… again.

  • Other than tyres and saddle, what consideration have you given to your riding position?

    I ask because when I prolapsed C5 & C6 about 12 years ago, I was unable to tilt my neck back. Lots of spacers under the stem with higher angled stem to raise my shoulders to ensure I could still get out for gentle rides.

    Your back injury may require different…[Read more]

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    Another Mazda 6 here, 58 plate it’s a petrol 2.5 vvt jobbie, about 165bhp and quite quick, handles well and keeps up with the Vrs Octavia estate. Sport version has most of the toys you’d expect/want and it’s returning me about 31mpg, which is under book but I don’t do that many miles a year in it so not bothered. Bought it 18months ago with 11…[Read more]

  • Stay classy and have a fab holiday! 😉