• Mudguards. Massively antisocial riding or commuting on road without them.

    Mudhugger on the mountain bikes as well. Rear mudhugger will cope with pretty much any sort of riding – not just Bimbling .

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    Arm warmers
    Knee warmers
    Mesh back Gilet

    All look slightly weird and unnecessary but once you’ve used them essential. Also a bargain as they effectively turn your summer kit into winter kit for all but the coldest days. (Add a cheap t shirt base layer under a summer shirt)

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    I don’t know about their methodology but this reckons dehumidifier much more expensive.

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    You are not going to get 18kg of laundry dry using a tumble dryer for anything close to that I don’t think.

    No, you’re not. Heat Pump driers seem to be just under 2kwh for a full load of cottons – maybe 8kg.

    Stuff dries really well in our house anyway – we’ve got a ‘sheila maid’ type thing in the utility room and the house has a heat r…[Read more]

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    Isnt a dehumidifier just a condensing tumble drier that’s trying to dry your whole house? Technology is the same but it’s going to be slower and more expensive to run.

    A heat pump drier is a more efficient form of condenser Dryer.

    Drying clothes with hot air and venting it…[Read more]

  • Although that’s comparing SS. It’s also very interesting to see that the derailleur test is pretty close to the Rohloff – closer than in other tests I’ve read IIRC.
    I’ve also read that a dirty chain reduces efficiency

    I thought that as well. Comparisons between Rohloff used to be with 3×9. Chainline is arguably far worse with 1x in many gear…[Read more]

  • Says more about your riding style and finesse than of the mech tbh.

    Which is why you are willing to live with the losses in a epicyclic gearbox.

    Apart from a Pinion not being epicyclic, I don’t – both my mountain bikes currently run 1×11 though I’d have another Pinion (they’re now a bit smaller and lighter and I think they’ve reduced the Q…[Read more]

  • I’ve got a spare MacBook MagSafe 1 charger in good condition.

    £20 posted?

  • get going again on the trailside; something you can’t do with a hub-gear

    How do you get going again at the trailside? Pinion and Rohloff, IME just don’t break in same way. They don’t NEED to be trailside repairable, and they’re still likely rideable. I’ve seen enough mechs, hangers and chains completely mangled at the trailside – pretty sure t…[Read more]

  • didn’t we just have a big thread about gearboxes and hub gears? As someone who rode Rohloff on both full sus and hardtail for some years, then a Pinion for another few but runs conventional gears on my off road bikes my view is –

    Gearboxes are shockingly bad on bikes, heavy, draggy, expensive, not repairable trailside, sloppy and with terrible…

    [Read more]

  • It looked good but the entry to the world was a bit bewildering. The initial text scroll was immediately forgotten. What was with the great flood? If it needed the exposition couldn’t they have had Lyra getting some history lessons and built it into the story?

    Something about the script/acting was off as well – None of the ‘Gyptian’ scenes…[Read more]

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    Solar gain.
    Triple has a negative impact on this.

    I’ve a vague memory of this but can’t remember the details – So you’re saying you get less solar gain via the 3g and that the benefit in terms of solar gain exceeds the impact of the lower insulation value?

    I think I’d still have 3g for the higher glass temp on really cold days but as you say,…[Read more]

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    triple glazed to N,E and W, double to South.

    Not sure why you’d do that. Triple glazing really doesn’t add much cost over double on the total price of a job (with the same quality frames).

    Sound insulation is slightly better, insulation value is better though not as much as you’d think (theres a huge change in these from single to doubl…[Read more]

  • Uniqlo heat tech v neck. Brilliant things.
    Remarkable warmth to weight and really comfortable to wear under a shirt.

  • Also – all the tubes of sika/tape/screws add up to much more that you imagine at the start.

    Same building a house. I’d budgeted every part of the build except consumables and it was amazing how much screws, sealant, spray foam, tape etc etc adds up.

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    I’ve had a very poor success rate with non-original manufacturer batteries in any electronics over the years (cameras, laptops, iPod, drills). it really is a case of buy cheap buy twice – even if they seem ok when new the life is much shorter.

    Also don’t try to buy discounted as there are loads of fakes around.

  • Looking to buy a 27.2 dropper for my young nephew. Brand X was the obvious choice – any bargains about or better alternatives for the same money?

  • They have this thing called an MOT which annually tests cars to check that they are roadworthy.

    Somehow cars with dpfs removed, illegally tinted windows, front number plate mounts blanked off and plate in windscreen, illegal fonts and spacing on number plates all seem to be getting through MOTs and that stuff is clearly visible (and dpf should…[Read more]

  • Yes in a perfect world the motorist would get the same treatment. However they don’t and until they do it is not right for cyclists to get a harder time for equivalent offences.

    This. This guy should be prosecuted BUT far worse motoring incidents are regularly excused with minimal sanction. This will be Charlie Alliston all over again and that e…[Read more]

  • What I’m about to write doesn’t in any way make it morally right but……

    I’d agree unless there’s evidence he didn’t try to avoid the collision, 25 in a 20 zone isn’t really dangerous driving

    if it was a motorist doing 25 in a 20 it wouldn’t have (in any case I’ve seen) have had much influence at all. You’d have thought breaking the speed l…[Read more]

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