• How good are they as stills cameras? I can’t see myself shooting much video but I’ve been thinking about one as an easily pocketable, weatherproof, camera for riding/skiing/holidays.

    Now they’ve got a screen this seems a lot more viable than it used to when it was ‘point and hope’

  • Wow. Not even DVI?

    I think the last time I saw a VGA-only monitor it was a CRT.

    London Cycling Campaign office bought some LG monitors *in the last 6 months* that are VGA only – I was dumbfounded when I tried to connect to them and found that was the only connection, amazing that anyone is still building them. DVI superseded VGA 20 years ago FFS.

  • Can’t wait for someone to eat eBay and Paypal’s lunches.

    Everyone moans about eBay but I’m happy to pay their fees. If you know how much something is worth then sell it elsewhere. If you’re not sure eBay means both you and the buyer get a fair price – no haggling. Well worth a 10% fee.

  • Hope recently added both 200 and 180 to the range, they still make 203, 183 and 160. Not many better examples of a lack of standardisation.

    I think Hope have always been a follower on disc sizes and the nature of their manufacture means it’s easy for them to make a lot of sizes – you can get a Hope rotor to fit your existing brakes. They…[Read more]

  • Before Sonos I had Logitech Squeezeboxes. 2 years in to ownership they killed it off and stopped supporting it.

    The software was open source and kept running by, presumably, a couple of guys as a hobby. It was ok but glitchy as hell and often broke. Sonos has been a dream in comparison, so I’m not sure the dev in a shed model is the way f…

    [Read more]

  • lister

    The only one that gets me is up there^

    Discs are 140 160 180 200 220mm….NOT QUITE!!!! Where did 203 come from????

    203mm is 8″ – and there are very few 200mm discs out there, 203 is the norm.

    WTF difference does that make? why not 178mm for 7″ and 153mm for 6″

    (I seem to remember Hope used to sell 165 and 185mm, and at some point…[Read more]

  • The current case of the apple iphone charge is a good one. Apple can make a case why its better from a pure electronic engineering point of view. Does it offer any advantage or utility to the end user?

    I don’t understand the fuss about Apples connector. They’re both USB, the only potential ‘waste’ is the cable, not the charger, and they have a…[Read more]

  • Err, never overtightened any of the dozens of HT2 cranks I’ve fitted and never seen anyone else suffering from doing it.

    Which is the reason the preload cap is plastic – the teeth mash before you can really overload the bearings.

  • HT2 fan here. No special tools needed (you can do up the plastic preload by hand if it really comes to it), bolts are at a sensible torque. If you can’t use a torque wrench as standard L shaped Allen key will be close enough.

    Yes, it’s great to be able to do stuff properly at home but if it can be done in a campsite on holiday with a minimal…[Read more]

  • The Roger Musson (I think) book has plans for building one out of wood that seems pretty well regarded.

    I built the Roger Musson one after reading his book. It works a treat and cost me £1 for the wood.

    I built Roger Musson’s design. Wood was scrap so cost nothing. Bolts cost a few quid. Getting the metal parts to hold the wheel (QR at the…[Read more]

  • simons_nicolai-uk replied to the topic Gigs 2019-2020 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Just noticed my tickets for The Hold Steady on 7 March. Ariel Sharon and Matthias Kom (Burning Hell) in April, plus just booked Juniore at Bush Hall at the end of April.

    Glastonbury tickets also in the bag though yet to hear an announcement of a band I actually want to see. Not that that matters a jot at Glastonbury.

  • simons_nicolai-uk replied to the topic Gigs 2019-2020 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    We’re off to see John Bramwell next Saturday at Hebden Bridge Trade Club

    Saw him as a support act last year and it was lovely – he’s genuinely good company.

    Steve mason at the trades club tonight, a short but excellent set, delved into early beta band

    I’ve seen him quite a few times in recent years and he’s never played a single Beta B…[Read more]

  • I’ve been riding 2.4 Conti’s on 25mm internal DT EX1501s for most of the last year. Last few rides have been on 35mm internal rim with Maxxis 2.5WT. I dropped the pressures about 4psi front and back vs the 2.4’s. It’s wet and draggy out there at the moment but while the grip was fantastic they felt really hard work climbing.

    I’m yet to be…[Read more]

  • Katie’s Whyte 905 has a Yari with ‘big’ dropouts and a Whyte branded hub with standard ends. Front wheel comes off the bike for transport and it’s an annoying faff to get in and out.

    Does anyone have any idea whether Whytes own brand hubs (in 2017) were something else rebranded, or whether there are any decent solutions that deal with the…[Read more]

  • Sticky clay on tyres is pretty heavy on water use

    I don’t think anything but a full power jetwash will get that off – Worx will remove a lot but you probably still need a brush.

    High power short lance seems to work well enough (don’t know if that was a US restriction?) and has enough power. I’ve jet washed my own legs a bit on high and it…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a couple of 12v ones before – the original Dirtworker (got nicked) and something more recent. Neither were great, whereas the Worx is worth every penny – would definitely buy again

  • fit a flexible conduit with brush plates at each end,

    That’s the best solution
    if you don’t have an amp at the moment there are loads of HDMI switch boxes, either manual or remote control that will do the job eg first result was a remote 5 port for £22

    I used this conduit when we built our house. Not sure it’s the cheapest but was cheap…[Read more]

  • simons_nicolai-uk replied to the topic Building Regs Part L in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    dumping it in the cold loft of a standard house

    though uninsulated loft spaces are another sign of the low standards of UK building. We should be building into the loft as standard

  • simons_nicolai-uk replied to the topic Building Regs Part L in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    You can open windows in a passivhaus the MVHR just wont run as efficently

    We open our window occasionally for a few minutes – you can do a ‘purge’ of the house by boosting the ventilation system but opening a load of windows for a few minutes is quick and easy. The house structure is warm so it takes no time to reheat the air.

    In summer the…[Read more]

  • simons_nicolai-uk replied to the topic Building Regs Part L in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    so that new buyers don’t realise they’ll have to add the cost of a whole new set of pots and pans to their budget

    What did you have before? We got an induction hob a few years back and I think the *only* thing that didn’t work was a cheap aluminium frying pan. 20+ year old stainless steel pans were fine. Le Cruset style stuff fine.

    r…[Read more]

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