• I work next to a huge TK Maxx and I’ve got loads of stuff from there. New Balance base layers mostly but jackets and gilets etc.

    That reminds me, I haven’t been in for a while and it might be full of cool winter stuff.

  • Thanks for all the input. I didn’t get to see or drive any cars this weekend (I ended up painting the kitchen).

    I’m going to broaden my search. I’ll definitely check out an Octavia. I also want to size up a regular 5 door Golf since I’d quite like a GTi. Leon estates are on the radar. They look really smart, I’ll check one out if I get the…[Read more]

  • sharkattack replied to the topic Pressure washers in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    I just bought the small Halfords own brand this week. £45 with a trade card, 50 without. No fancy attachments or anything.

    Today I’ve just blasted a double driveway, side alley and a backyard in one go. Probably hasn’t been done in the 11 years since the house was built. The whole thing was absolutely black with slime and moss. It looks mint…[Read more]

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    There’s a lot of comments from people saying how pointless it all is because derailleurs work fine and they’ve never so much as bent a mech hanger in 30 years etc…

    What kind of riding are these people doing? I could make a derailleur last forever but not if I was ‘mountain biking’. I’ve bent dozens of mech hangers, ripped a few off and even put…[Read more]

  • The one we went to see was a bit like that. Bumps and scrapes on every single panel, every wheel kerbed. It looked like it was used and abused then traded in. Nothing wrong with the power delivery though. It had a surprising amount of shove.

    Wouldn’t buy one like that though.

  • sharkattack replied to the topic Buying a used Sprinter van in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Be careful of clocked vans if you’re buying at the newer end. A lot of sprinters do a lot of miles and are clocked before the first mot.

    Is there an easy way to tell?

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    Devonshire Cat and Red Deer while further away from the train station, are much closer to the tram stops on West Street.

  • sharkattack replied to the topic Ale pubs Sheffield in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Rutland Arms.

  • Yes, yes, very nice. That’s the kind of environment I’m looking for after years of sliding around in various 70’s and 80’s coupes. Got that stuff well out of my system. Can’t wait to join the 21st century.

    I think being realistic it’ll probably be early next year now but I plan to drive as many VAG wagons as I can get my hands on. There’s 2 GTD’s…[Read more]

  • @sharkatack – I hope there’s a cycle lane under all that water #cyclingonthepavement!

    There is, and luckily it’s about 18 inches higher than the road otherwise he’d be swimming.

    It’s weird in Sheffield tonight. I just got home from work in 9 minutes! Wish everyone would stay home more often.

  • Oh, and Bristol has banned diesels completely (starting 2021) including most of the routes to the Airport, doesn’t matter if it’s a 90s spec soot blower or a brand new Euro6, total blanket ban, so consider that.

    That’s one of the news stories that put the willies up me after the test drive. Sheffield is also going into clean air con…[Read more]

  • Or if you do a lot of shorter trips, have somewhere to charge it, and the 5 door is OK then try the Golf GTE too. Can save you a fortune in fuel, preheats in the winter, still takes a bike easily in the back. Really like ours.

    Our next vehicle might very well be electric but not this one. We’ve got a few electric cars and vans at work and…[Read more]

  • Where do the front wheels/helmets/camelbaks/change of clothes go?

    Yeah it looks really nice in the pictures but it’ll get real tight, soggy and muddy in there very quickly under normal use.

  • We’ve been bouncing around in a Panda for about 18 months now. We needed an affordable first car for my girlfriend and it was perfect but I’m properly sick of it now that it’s our only vehicle. I’m sick of bikes on roof bars, lumpy seats, zero suspension, wind noise, crackly FM radio etc.

    After months of going back and forth between vans and car…[Read more]

  • Guess our first visit to the Dirt Factory will have to wait! Thanks for that, they were just going by the weather forecast and google maps.

  • These 2 pictures are about 30 seconds from my house in Sheffield.

  • but what about South Shields


    Stick to your plan. North of the river is good. South of the river is Hebburn, Jarrow, Felling etc. Very grim stuff.

    Jesmond is pretty and very close to town but it’s very expensive but mostly full of rich students. You might not be socialising much with kids but it can be full of rowdy, edgelord…[Read more]

  • sharkattack replied to the topic commuting/back roads light in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    Those 50 quid Bikehut ones are back in stock. There was a large thread full of positive reviews on here a while ago. I’m thinking of grabbing one myself.

    Can’t be bothered to search for links on my phone. Soz.

  • sharkattack replied to the topic Michael Bonney in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Never met the bloke but I read that at work today and it broke me a bit. It put my own moaning and whinging into perspective.

    Totally understand his decision.

  • sharkattack replied to the topic Peaty's bike bonanza in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    was there any bargings?

    Barging is the word. Get their early and get your elbows out.

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