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    @Nobeerinthefridge Thanks for the offer, very kind of you. I’m kinda needing just to get it done so I’ve dropped it off with Alpine as their rates were good for what needed doing. Think I’ll keep some of the other places mentioned in mind for the future though – thanks all!

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    Thanks all for the suggestions! Will take a look at all of these, seems like there’s plenty to pick from!

    I was originally planning on heading to bike for good to do it myself but keep running out of time. Needing to do my headset bearings too as they seem to have gone notchy and nasty too. The joys of Scotland in winter…

    @Merak it’s a…[Read more]

  • Looking for any local knowledge. My hardtail is in desperate need of a new bottom bracket. I’ve actually purchased a replacement and intended to do it myself, but don’t have the tool and keep running out of time. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Glasgow? Ideally in the west end? Will no doubt end up needing more servicing work at some point…[Read more]

  • I ended up picking up a 645 music from argos whilst it was still £199.

    So far so good. Although interestingly comparing the ride data with my Wahoo elemnt and they report fairly different elevations!

  • Thanks chaps. Think I’m between the instinct and the 645M.

    The battery life (on GPS) of the 645 concerns me a little as I do like the occasional big day out at 12+ hours. But I guess I can charge if required. I do think that I prefer the look of it and the colour screen.

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  • I’ll chime in as I was thinking of the same question… I’ve got a Wahoo Elemnt that I use for tracking rides, but interested in getting a watch too track the rest of life, walking & hiking (munros etc.), cycling to work, gym etc. Note I don’t run.

    I want to spend as little as I can, although have ended up looking around the £200 mark. From what…[Read more]