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    Esk valley is a new event, but is organised by a couple of regular racers so should be a good event.

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    Alpinestars new trousers get the thumbs up from me. Think they have a waterproof or thermal option for 2020, ive got the waterproof version which is great.

  • To understand how progressive a linkage design is depends on the curve.

    Unfortunately its not as simple as your calc, as a fixed value would equal a linear ratio. The website you linked to is the best to identify what your bike is doing by looking at the linkage ratio.

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    I would say the biggest point with a gearbox is moving the weight, obviously a cassette is very central to the wheel but people spend a lot of money to reduce wheel weight. Also suspension may improve if the frame design keeps a fixed chain length and high pivot will suddenly become the norm.

  • Been through something similar with my other half.

    Found skills sessions to be the best, an independent person is really good to provide confidence and stops trail side arguments….

    Also I would re-consider bike size. We started with a T-130 which on paper was the right size but her new bike is slightly smaller and its helped a lot. Long bikes…[Read more]

  • I have ventured into this world recently and definitely recommend trousers to anyone.

    Actually have some Madison DTE’s forsale in XL purely because they are too big, used twice.

  • I don’t know the details for either case of Tahnee and Brook but I would say they are 2 different circumstances.

    From what I have read Tahnee has used Red Bull UK’s facilities which enhanced her rehab.

    Brooks circumstance was very different and from his insta posts red bull have helped but I guess like all great things this is limited and do…[Read more]