• Nothing much to add except that if you can find a Singular Peregrine they are ace, i love mine, i have a beautiful ti Reilly Gradient with gears and a SS Peregrine, and time and time again i pull the Peregrine out of the garage, apart from toe overlap with front wheel, it rides really well and that skinny quality steel frame is so comfy. Plus any…[Read more]

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    I have had a few run-ins with the GMC defending personal injury claims for a living, and the number of medico-legal reports we receive from Doctors who aren’t fit to practise medicine and who’s testimony and medico-legal reporting opinion can be bought for a fee…

    Does seem odd though that Dr Freeman used to specialise in the area of medicine of…[Read more]

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    It just shows that whilst his body may have let him down, he had the mental strength and fortitude to make a decision none of us will ever want to have to take. He fought a very brave battle and whilst i am not a religious man, if there is a God, he is about to receive one of the good ones.