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    I think you’ve answered your own question there tbh, electricity will need to be taxed to replace the income from fuel duty.

    GPS based mobility pricing, pay by the km to use the roads, variable pricing subject to time of day, etc.

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    The problem of polluting motor vehicles, is most concentrated within major urban areas cars and vans sat idling or running inefficiently in lower gears, chucking more crap out of the exhaust.

    The problem is concentrated within urban areas, but how many of those vehicles come from rural areas? On a per capita basis, people generally create far…[Read more]

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    Discussing sprawl… “They take up more space per person, and are more expensive to build and operate than any urban form ever constructed. They require more roads for every resident, and more water pipes, more sewers – more power cables, utility wiring, sidewalks, signposts, and landscaping. They cost more for municipalities to maintain. They…[Read more]

  • Thanks for clarifying, I’ll be sticking with my original pro for a while then, which to be fair still works great.

  • I always wonder how well face ID works if you’re taking notes on a desk, and have to wake it up, does it recognise from an angle, or do you have to make a forward motion to position your face over it?