• Rio replied to the topic Which iPhone? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Can’t speak for the X but I went from an SE to an XR; everything is good except the size – it’s like carrying a small tablet in your pocket. Since when did portability stop being a desirable feature in a phone? I miss my SE…

  • Rio replied to the topic Vets, a licence to print money? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    £400 for dental work? Bargain, ours was over £1000. Flea and worm stuff doesn’t normally require a prescription and is indeed cheaper online.

  • Rio replied to the topic What do 'Business Analysts' do? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Interesting discussion. Maybe one of the BAs on here should head over to Wikipedia and edit it as whoever wrote the page on “Business Analyst” didn’t seem to know what one is either. I particularly like:

    …business analysts do not have a predefined and fixed role…

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    Estate cars don’t seem to be a thing any more outside Europe, and as most EVs are aimed at the US and China markets I can see why people aren’t making them. At the moment EVs are a niche product, and estate cars are a niche product, so your wondering why someone doesn’t address a niche of a niche…

    I don’t buy the battery packaging argument – a…[Read more]

  • No refund here yet, and my order still says “processing” even though they’ve cancelled it.

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    Damn – I believe they did have the Vulcan – people were talking about it – but when I first went past I couldn’t get near the Airfix stand because of the crowds (if I ever go again it won’t be mid-day Sat) so I meant to go back later but now you’ve reminded me that I forgot!

    I did succeed in my primary goal of getting some 1/32 RFC control wire…[Read more]

  • Rio replied to the topic Christmas Airfix! in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    Fine looking piece of work!

    Did anyone else make it to Scale Model World in Telford today? Amongst other goodies WnW had their 1/32 Lancaster on display; that’s definitely going on my Christmas if I can ever dedicate an entire room to making it!

  • According to the woman in JL when we bought our oven, with BSH appliances you need to look where they’re made. Our Neff oven is made in Germany and seems pretty solid, as is our Bosch washing machine and Siemens fridge. Our Neff dishwasher is made in Turkey and  was getting noisy after a year and now has occasional software problems requiring a ha…[Read more]

  • And same here.

  • Rio replied to the topic Garage Roller Doors in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    Extra guide width is no use if it can be prised up. When we looked at this recently one major manufacturer was marketing the wider guides as an extra defence against weather.  When we asked them about security and queried the ease with which it could be prised up they said it wasn’t supposed to be secure (odd for a garage door!). Best to look fo…[Read more]

  • Well spotted, not something I’d normally look for on Euro Car Parts. Spare pair ordered (with free delivery!).

  • We’ve got the Nextbase 522 + rear camera on Mrs R’s car. Dashcam works well but the rear camera completely knackers DAB reception despite much rerouting of cables and application of ferrites. Nextbase weren’t interested when I told them this (“All our devices are thoroughly tested for electro-magnetic compatibility”), but tbf it may be partly the…[Read more]

  • Rio replied to the topic Electric Piano, any advice? in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    I have a Yamaha P45, but I’m just someone who wants to be able to bash out a tune with headphones on, not a proper piano player. I went to a digital piano specialist to buy it and asked the guy in the shop to demo it, and I suggest you do the same; at the time I bought it there seemed to be a degree of price fixing so there was no point in…[Read more]

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    I like the not-so-subtle dig at users being the weakest link

    I particularly like the subtle dig at auditors, who IME when I did this sort of thing were complicit in preventing more risk-appropriate password policies from being adopted.

  • As a home user I’ve found both Catalina and iOS/ipadOS 13 to be pretty stable, but if you’re still reliant on 32 bit applications then I understand your pain. On the other hand Apple’s continual tinkering with their own apps for no apparent reason is doing my head in. For example, the random changes to the way Photos, on all platforms, organises…[Read more]

  • Rio replied to the topic Any Mac supernerds in the house? in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    If you haven’t already tried it there’s a keyboard shortcut to do a verbose install which may help you find out what’s going wrong – ⌘-L I think.