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    I solved it in the end somehow. I removed the spacer and removed the cassette several times and it eventually just went together well and there is no play. I don’t know exactly what I did but it worked.

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    I have a DT Swiss 350 ratched gunned rear wheel and I am trying to fit a SRAM NX 12 speed cassette. If I fit a 1.85mm spacer then the cassette fits securely but the smallest cog does not seem to engage in the hub splines. It tightens down ok but when I fit the wheel in the frame and tighten the maxle the wheel does not rotate freely.
    Without the…[Read more]

  • Urgh wrong forum

  • I managed to get a cheap rear wheel with a DT Swiss 350 hub. I thought it was a 142×12 hub but it appears to be a 135×12 one instead. I have seen that you can get end caps to convert to the 142 width. Is that all I need to get to convert it? I swap the end caps and fit the wheel? Will there be any messing about with spacing out disc rotors etc (…[Read more]

  • Hello Since my bike got stolen I am trying to cobble together a new build. I have seen a frame I like so now I need almost everything else. So…

  • Since my SC nomad has been stolen I am after a new bike. I had a Transition Patrol before it and loved it so would like another. I would consider…

  • I have thought about this too, and since I had 2 bikes stolen on the 31/10 it makes me wonder even more. The past few bikes I have sold have all gone to eastern Europe so I was thinking maybe that is a good outlet for stolen bikes. Who knows though, people rarely seem to get them recovered so there is clearly a good market for these things.

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    Some jerks have broken into my shed and stolen my and my housemates bikes

    They got
    An orange santa Cruz nomad c in medium. With red lyrics and hope wheels and burgtec kit

    A black specialized diverge with 105 kit and hydro brakes. It’s the older 2016 model. 52 wize

    A grey transition sentinel with hope wheels and zee brakes and stans flow wheels.…[Read more]