• Just posting an update so that there’s no gaps for when/if I look back at this.

    Dad’s had to forego a round of chemo as the doctor wasn’t happy he was well enough to take it. He didn’t take the news very well. He thought that he was doing well at losing a bit of weight, watching what he was eating etc but the doc said he was losing it due to…[Read more]

  • When I was coming off Sertraline it took me 3 months after only being on it for 4! That was last year and I basically had to give up any ideas of improving fitness, losing weight or doing any decent riding while I came off it. That’s all happening this year.

    Focus on one thing only, namely coming off the pills. Trying to do it all is a…[Read more]

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic Brexit 50p's. Uses for. in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    I’m actually booked in to go to the Royal Mint on the 31st and mint my own!

    Before anyone calls me out I’m massively against Brexit happening but I’m going there through work and I have a feeling those 50p’s are going to be collectible as a sign of a country’s collective stupidity. I’m sorely tempted to take along a penny and a single Black…[Read more]

  • How many actual break ins and cars stolen are just because they keys were in view? How many people have actually been threatened to hand there keys over?

    My estate was done over back in April, as in all the houses! It has a decent amount of people who have lease Mercs, BMW’s and Audi/VW’s. Three Golf R’s, at least 6 Mercs with decent power…[Read more]

  • The general public.

  • Always strikes me a weird that the US claims to be the Land Of The Free yet places so many restrictions on what you can do there. Add in that their National Parks seem to be treated as heavily designed and manicured golf courses, with everything undisturbed and picture-perfect, and it’s a tough one to get my brain around.

    Whenever this subject…[Read more]

  • My 2011 5 has one similar on it, been there since it’s first Alpine holiday. Been ridden hard for years since (now retired) and I just saw it as a badge of honour and a reminder of an amazing holiday. Even had the frame re-powdercoated after it appeared without issue.

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic Splitting the bill in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    The whole politics of splitting bills really annoys me as you always get one in any group who does it using different ‘rules’. If I’m with a new group or work colleagues I always pay my own way.

    With my long-time friends we have devised a system that works well. As I’m teetotal and not really a foodie my share of the group bill is always tiny.…[Read more]

  • How can anyone vote for something that has no definition? But they did.

    No, they voted for it based on lies, fake promises (that are being destroyed on a near-daily basis.
    See kelvin’s Twitter link above) and misinformation.

    How can a government implement something that has no definition? But they will.

    Even they don’t know what they’re…[Read more]

  • Direct quote from the Guardian:

    “There will not be alignment, we will not be a rule taker, we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the customs union – and we will do this by the end of the year,” Javid said.

    “We’re … talking about companies that have known since 2016 that we are leaving the EU.”

    The bloke is a complete an…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a really tough time over the last 2 years, far too much to go into details here! Been through the meds and counselling routes and neither really helped, they just masked the issues. Slowly finding out what works and what doesn’t for me, re-connecting with old hobbies is the current experiment. One thing I had to do was to figure out…[Read more]

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic Gym membership in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I use The Gym Group in Cardiff as its A: cheap B: 10 mins walk from home and C: open 24/7 so I can go at silly times and have it all to myself. Used to go to the local Fitness First but that was mentally busy so never felt like going.

    You need to find a gym that caters for what you want out of it. Some want the basics only, others like to…[Read more]

  • The rear guard is fine, it’s the FRX front mudguard you’ll have issues with if you have one. Especially if they have the stupid big army truck running, it’s trailer doesn’t like mudguards at all. The normal trailers behind the Transits are fine for rear guards as long as you avoid the slot directly above the axle as the mudguards get in the way.…[Read more]

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic Selling our family home in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’ve got a similar task looming, not looking forward to it one bit.

    My dad bought the family home in 1976 as a shell then proceeded to renovate it as a full-on bachelor pad. Halfway through this renovation he met my mum and they married a year later. I lived there until I was 27, my sister until she was 22. We’ve had big celebrations there and…[Read more]

  • They should let it go bust then arrange for a non-profit organisation to but it cheap. Then they can play around with subsidies that keep it going not line corporate pockets.

    But this is a Boris Govt so they’ll get loads of handouts and tax write-offs to keep his backers happy.

  • For sale I have a set of brand new Shimano Resin Finned J02A brake pads.  They have come from a new set of Deore M6000 brakes so have never been…

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic Creating little ones in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    From all my friends that have had trouble making little ones the only advice I can offer is to make sure your life is as stress-free as you can. Adding pressure of conceiving on top of other pressures just makes it harder to happen. Good luck!

    Turned out we’d been ‘trying” for longer than I’d realised. Seems to be more common than you’d hoped.[Read more]

  • As long as they have supported the product for it’s reasonable life expectancy (which varies depending upon what the item is) then they are fine legally. As for the software I would have thought you only own the license, that way they have control of the programme. If they haven’t sold the trainer or software for 5+ years then I doubt there’s…[Read more]

  • It’ll work at the extremes of the cassette but you’ll have no indexing across it ie it won’t work well. The only odd combination of 10/11 that does work is a Deore M6000 mech which is labelled as 10 speed but is actually an 11 speed mech (to clear the 11-42t cassette) but with the shifter indexed differently. Swap that out to an 11 speed shifter…[Read more]

  • Will something like this go to isolating cyclists from the local community- not forgetting BPW was largely funded on the back of regeneration grants.

    There was a fair amount of talk about exactly this locally when news of the application came to light. I know the Rhydycar Travelodge was earmarked to be sold off just before BPW opened as it was…[Read more]

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