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    Somehow I’ve managed to hear every christmas song bar Wham! Thought I’d got caught on day 2 but it turned out to be a really crap cover version in Poundland (there with work…) so got away with it.

    Suppose it helps that I generally work alone or at least have control of the radio so can limit any chance of exposure I get. It’s only dangerous…[Read more]

  • I’ve taken mine into the car dealership when picking up the car after a service. As long as you don’t rest it on a new car they are fine.

    Back when my car was new and had a free service pack I used to drive to the garage with the towbar rack on, go for a ride in the local woods while they serviced it and return all muddy then drive back home. Ex…[Read more]

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    67% turnout is indeed a travesty, totally incomprehensible to me how so many people can decide that the future direction of this country is not worth 20 minutes of their time.

    I’m struggling to see how my, and my peer group’s, political view of the world is so diametrically opposed to the rest of the country. All this talk of Brexiters being…[Read more]

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    There’s talk of a lot of Welsh seats turning Blue, that’s pretty much unheard of!!

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    I go to the gym hoping to come back and watch Boris get a hammering except the exit poll flashed up on one of the screens in it. I may have swore rather loudly, thankfully the girl on duty just looked at me and said she’d let it slide as it’s justified.

    I hope to God that the exit polls are wrong and we get as close to a hung parliament as…[Read more]

  • Small bit of bad news today.

    Dad’s had the results of last week’s blood test and they’re not happy about his liver function levels so his next round of chemo is on hold for a week. They were hoping to get the next treatment done and give him a week or so to recover so he could enjoy Christmas relatively pain-free but that doesn’t look like it…[Read more]

  • Why does this thread have to rear it’s head up, making me want one even more now!! Why did I make a new year’s resolution not to buy any new bikes or frames for the whole of 2019? To make it worse they’re out of stock of medium frames in all colours until the spring!!

    @mccraque I spoke to them about that exact thing when I ordered my Rocket…[Read more]

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    My in laws, in a slight non stereotypical shocker, are really nice, gentle, Christian folk. But they buy the Daily Mail, believe the stuff that’s presented as fact, and take it personally when anyone dare suggest that that rag is an evil, hate filled, xenophobic mouthpiece of Russian billionaires that once ran stories supporting Hitler. Don’t ask…

    [Read more]

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    Why does it look like that every time Boris looks up he’s checking her out and wondering what his chances are?

  • reluctantjumper replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Same here, think it might be the same constituency (Cardiff South and Penarth). Been canvassed by Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems while at the shops in town so a bit of activity. Pity I missed BoJo being in Caerphilly today though, would have loved to have found a way to tell him exactly what I think of him. Might have even had a chance to…[Read more]

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    Who’s taken Friday off so that they can stay up and watch the results come in? Fess up… who’s as sad and tragic as me?

    Working Friday night shift instead of day, plan is to go for a night ride* and get back in and showered ready for the results coming in about 1am onwards. The question is how many more calories will I eat in biscuits/chocs etc t…[Read more]

  • @northernmatt yep, self-enforced name change 😁

  • Bought a 2009 GT Avalanche from Pauls as a cheap hack hardtail back in 2012. Didn’t cost a fortune compared to others on here but it was all the spare cash I had at the time so to me it was so I’m letting it count. Felt great when it arrived and I’d rode it round the local streets, even felt great round the local park. Took it out round the…[Read more]

  • Two Brexit Party fliers unsurprisingly screaming something something brexit something.
    One Conservative mail going “Corbyn = no brexit” (which would be nice) and basically smearing Labour without a whiff of content about themselves.
    One Labour flier talking about what a great upstanding member of the community our local MP is. No mention of bre…

    [Read more]

  • Went down to 4 days 3 years ago now, best thing I ever did!

    It does depend upon your job but as mine is as a specialist courier (NOT multi-drop parcels) then as long as someone shows up to do the job it’s all fine. It helped that my contract specifies 4-5 days with a minimum of 39 hours, seeing as most days are 10+ then working 4 means I…[Read more]

  • Work-depending this sounds like the exact thing I need to kickstart my 2020, it’s also the exact lunacy I like and why I have a winter hardtail!

    Definitely interested but, as I said, work-dependant.

  • Extremely well done that. One of those watershed moments that motorsport had to go through to at the time.

    If you ever go to Le Mans you should go and see the small black plaque on the pit straight, it’s on the wall separating the spectators from the track on the outside of the circuit and only can be seen by standing on the track looking up…[Read more]

  • My childhood in my mind was horrible. Constantly bullied, not very good academically, struggled to make friends, useless with the opposite sex and far happier in my own company most of the time. People from the outside think I was a happy kid who was shy but ultimately a well-rounded kid and adult. It was all an act to give me an easy life.…[Read more]

  • Hijack away, more than happy for people to share advice and experiences. If it can help more than one person it’s doing it’s job.

    I dont know you but it sounds like you are doing everything you can and supporting everyone brilliantly.

    I’m doing everything I can but I’m struggling to balance that with having time for myself. I also only work 4…[Read more]

  • Rode it Sunday afternoon, very strange without the trees. So happy they managed to save a few bits like the twisted trees near the top but sad the fast blast between the pines just after has now gone. The new jumps near the end are an interesting choice, could cause some issues if people don’t know they’re there but I can see why they put them…[Read more]

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