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    Traffic copper i knew had been on a Chemical Biological Nuclear awareness course, and was told , if you see lots of dead birds or people lying on the ground, get out of there fast, as it could be a dangerous situation, asked why it was traffic police, he said because we have fast cars to get away fast and report back from a safe distance.

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    Perforated locker bases and door fronts, with a few loops of un lagged warm copper pipe running below them to warm contents of the lockers.

    Steam/exhaust Ventilation,

    if single showers door locks,door 6 inches off the floor to stop it soaking up water and easily mopped out.

    non slip floor,

    hangers or hooks, shelf for soap and shampoo in…[Read more]

  • Oh and where you park it may well upset the neighbours if liveried van, parked a works van outside my dads house for 30 mins one day, got back to work later and boss asks me why i was off the route, for 31 mins,it apears a neighbour had run my boss up and reported my van.

    Explained to my boss my dad was ill so dropped into see him for half an…[Read more]

  • Companies that state no non work passengers due to insurance are wrong, all vehicles are insured for third party risks, carrying a passenger is classed as third party, and they must pay out, for injuries etc,but your comapny can also ban all non work related persons,because a company issued van is not a taxi and is easily abused by doing extra…[Read more]

  • I am one of those tradesmen who turns up on time, gives written typed estimates, look tidy clean jeans and sweatshirt/jacket, always give a receipt, tidy up afterwards, and have a few boxes of chocolates and biscuits for my elderly customers stored away for the week before christmas to hand out.

    Yrs and we do occasionally get a customer who…[Read more]

  • On Twitter, police said: “Scottish Power is asking people in the Falkirk area is to be mindful of their electricity use over the coming days as there’s increased demand on the electricity network with people using heaters while they’re without gas.

    seems there have been outages already.

  • A few years ago a water main burst through a gas pipe and a large area localy was without gas, due to water in the gas main, for a few weeks in a summer,all houses had to be visited if people where not in National grid forced entry,quite a few unhappy residents then.

    Then about 2 weeks ago we had a mains burst,a few thousand properties without…[Read more]

  • Forgot to add coming to a town or city nearer you sooner rather than later, as profits are put before maintenance.


    But the nice company are handing out free heaters and cookers to affected residents,how long before the electric grid is overloaded and goes into melt down,also what about pipes freezing, and loss of production for factories and loss of trade for shops,offices closed and schools…[Read more]

  • got one in the garage and still trying to master the beast,but have seen a few older chaps on large wheel ones with handlebars and a brake lever, but theyre always going quite fast to stop and chat, need some easy to follow instruction on how to get started. .

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    Just perhaps a lot of jewish people own large companies,which Mr Corbyn will be hopefully taxing more, to pay for more services that need more help. They have a huge tax bill looming and are coordinating a huge uprising against him, supported by the media, pity most people dont care, are not racist or anti semitic but just want to live a quiet…[Read more]

  • Does refrigerant gas have any smell, or after effects if inhaled,its usually illegal to vent refrigerant gas to atmosphere i remember from my time working with a air con specialist. Larg fines if seen or reported.

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    It was a bit crap, thankfully i player has fast forward, the bits filmed in Liverpool where quite good as where the parts filmed in Bunbury Cheshire,and Formby woods was a long night time shoot over many nights says a freind who worked on it, but somebody sort the editing out so the extras are moving before they show them standing still and then…[Read more]

  • I work in quite a few buildings,and the risk of fire is quite high,fire doors damaged or not closing securely,fire alarms not functioning properly fire panel showing faults,upvc cladding for the full height of a 4 storey building,communal flats,and older persons retirement homes with letter plates not fire rated,poor access for fire engines due to…[Read more]

  • Quite a few years ago a chap i knew spent a few hundred quid on cards to sell on the local market, huge mark up on the proces paid,and they sold reasonably well.

    People bought and sent cards then postage was a lot cheaper, its not now, and royal mail have just been told to pay 50 million quid fine for a monopoly service so expect stamps to rise…[Read more]

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    Sometimes buses crash into other road users and the result is quite bad, you where so lucky to walk away without serious injury. The bus company will investigate it, driver may be suspended then sacked or have to undergo more defensive driver training, and have to apear in court, depending on what the bus cctv shows and your video.

    From…[Read more]

  • Due to years of tory cuts we dont have any flooding up here on Merseyside, just a few damp patches, from mps going to loose their well paid so called jobs in Decemebr

  • Having a safety trained member of staff as well as the driver is important, the strike is about who closes the doors as far as i know, driver closure is a lot faster, and the job of the guard can involve ticket checks and sales as well as being a visible presence, to vulnerable persons.

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    Been working in a few ex rentals lately, landlord complains and next few weeks the boiler packs up, and then threatening letters and with holding rent follow, then they leave,leaving the contents of a skip full of crap to be disposed of.

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