• I’ve used a Magic Mary on the rear,(front as well) and it did the job, which was a very wet and muddy Naughty Northumbrian. Tried it around Hamsterley forest trail centre a week later and it came off as soon as I got home, steep wet muddy races or uplift days would be the only time I’d put it on the rear again as the extra grip made up for the…[Read more]

  • Fox Ranger waterproof pants here, look similar to the Attack/Defend fire pants but without the fleece lining, not felt the cold at all so far & combined with sealskinz dry legs and feet are a welcome bonus at this time of year

  • Also anyone got recommendations for winter socks? Need a good pair to wear with my 45nth boots.

    Sealskinz, get the mtb specific version, waterproof/windproof and warm

  • ^^^
    The attack pant looks to have been replaced by this…


  • Fox Attack Fire pants look just the job, not worn them but I have a pair of the Ranger waterproof pants. The Ranger pants are windproof as well as waterproof and I can’t recommend them enough, not cheap ( got mine for £110, rrp is £135 ) I believe the Attack pants are the same price but with added fleece lining although so far I’ve not felt the c…[Read more]

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    I’d like to do the Naughty, but after seeing on the webpage that its 1 level down from the Pro EWS series I’m the slightly concerned I’d be completely out of my depth!

    How gnarly is it?

    1st year was pretty steep and very wet, 2nd year was pretty tame by comparison, this year was harder but better than the 1st year although it was very…

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    Each to their own I suppose and I would say look elsewhere if the op rides a lot of hardpack/rocky trails, but I find the Shorty to be the best up front for this time of year. The lad who recommended it is Danny Harts world cup mechanic and said that after testing prototype versions of the Assegai Danny still uses the DHR2 front and rear most of…[Read more]

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    +1 for Shorty / DHR2, Doubledown casing on the rear, both 3c maxterra. I almost bought an Assegai for the front but could only find DH casing and was told the Shorty is a better tire in mud/wet conditions despite the shop in question having the Assegai in stock and no Shortys

  • +1 for the Worx Hydroshot, I use a 10l container from go outdoors which is enough to clean 2 bikes quickly or 1 properly ( with a quick spray of muc off or similar). As said above the battery lasts around 20 mins and takes a few hours to charge

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    Don’t do the whole red route as it has really long uphill fireroad sections which can be easily skipped to reach the good stuff, I’ve ridden there for years and I’ve never heard anyone who’s ridden it say they’d do it again. Most people these days do a black/red combo, black wouldn’t be a black at any other trail centre I’ve been to so don’t let…[Read more]

  • To be fair the Shorty is a 29er, MM was 27.5 so may be a factor. I have a 2.5 Maxxgrip exo DHF ready to try as I hear it’s the best of both worlds

  • Currently running a 2.5 exo Maxterra Shorty up front and pretty happy with it so far, it will be staying on over the winter. I have used magic mary soft in the past but i find the shorty a slightly better all rounder as it grips a bit better on hardpack while they are pretty much equal in the slop/mud. Original plan was to fit an Assegai but could…[Read more]

  • Depends on the way you use it. A 170mm 29er enduro race bike can and will get around a red trail centre and even be capable of commuting if you chose to, but the recent advances in geometry will be lost, suspension will be lost. The same bike will probably be just as good, possibly better than a 5 or 6 year old DH bike in the right hands and…[Read more]