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    That Bottas lap was on the Ultrasofts.

    Crazy to see that in 5 years they have improved the lap time by at least 7 seconds:

  • Another vote for brush plates.
    Then when you decide you need a new TV next year or want to feed a cable through for something else then it’s an easy job.
    Mount it directly behind the TV and you’ll never see it anyway. In fact, on that logic you could just cut a big hole through for the plug and leave it open as you’l not see it behind the TV

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    I did learn that wearing wellies doesn’t keep your trousers dry if you get a bit too enthusiastic though.

    I think what you need there is a nappy

  • My problem with good tweezers is that I then know that I’ve definitely got hold of it and know it’s going to hurt. Whereas just grabbing with my fingers means there’s a good chance it’s not going anywhere. I like to think of it as the Russian roulette of nasal pain.

  • Tried a trimmer once. It tickled so much it made me sneeze almost instantly.
    For now, while it’s still managable, I can still get a good grip on the really long ones and give a good pull. Still makes me sneeze sometimes.

  • If I’m on holiday, sat in the sun on a balcony with not a care in the world then I’m more than happy with a crappy Nescafe istant with a drop of milk in. I would happily have it with a capsule of UHT in it if that was what was available.
    While Caira was battering the UK last week we had managed to escape to Portugal for a couple of nights and left…[Read more]

  • Is it just a single power lead that will be involved in the rotation? Or is there a full compliment of cables for various sound bars / sky boxes / fire sticks?

    I’d also be considering plenty of ventilation if the plan is to box it in with a picture on the back.

  • Saw this beast in Portugal last weekend…
    camper beast

    Wouldn’t like to try and navigate that down any roads, nevermind narrow ones!

    Other than that, I have nothing to add expect jealousy for all of you self-build converters. It’s a dream I have. One day maybe.

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    I always love reading posts like this to remind you how much love and good people are out there.

  • Get a job where you work away at least 1 night a week. Shave your head all over the carpet then leave it for someone else to sort out.
    For the record, I have a full head of hair and do not do the above. I do however use it as a weekly opportunity for a beard trim as the whole areas around the sink is practially empty and a lot easier to clean up…[Read more]

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    Not Emma Bridgewater.
    My wife insisted that she needed one and replaced a perfectly good Le Crueset one. Now half of the tea ends up all over the worktop no matter how carefully you try not to.

  • One bloke in our office takes three huge, consecutive, loud bites from an apple before chewing what’s in his mouth. I don’t know how it does it. I tried it once and nearly choked attempting the second bite.
    Another one makes all sorts of groans, wheezes and generally unhealthy noises as soon as he starts eating as though his body is desperately…[Read more]

  • A sat nav with an accent that is always local

    That’s one way to keep me away from Essex/Birmingham/Liverpool.

    Also also, cheesewipe. Little tin of cheesecake-esque topping you can keep in your bag and wipe it on a digestive biscuit for instant cheesecake on the go.

    Yes please. Get working on it and get it on Kickstarter. I’m sure the target…[Read more]

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    Prestone here too. The concentrated yellow stuff in 2 litres from Tesco. Was £3.50 last time I think.
    This time of year I dilute it 50:50 so that I can be smug on icy morning with working washers. Only problem is that when it’s not freezing cold and there’s that wet spray everywhere that dries as soon as it hits your screen. I wince everytime I…[Read more]

  • My wife gave up work when we had our second. She’d only gone back 2 days a week after first maternity leave so that she would qualify for statuatory maternity pay with the second.
    But, she worked in childcare which is woefully undervalued and underpaid. Our son wasn’t allowed to attned the nursery she worked in due to understandable conflict of…[Read more]

  • I always look forward to the early morning Dad walk on the last morning. Loads of men (myself included), trudging along in the pitch black at 7am (in December) to the car park to get the car back so you can get parked somewhere vaguely close to your lodge.
    It’s the little nods of acknowledgment and solidarity that make it special.

  • Is she just a bit of a dick?

    She’s a dog, not a cat 😉

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    Don’t know if you’re anywhere near York, but u-pull-it is an excellent scrapyard for things like that.
    You pay £1 to go in then strip what you want and take it back to pay for it.
    They currently have 3 Modusses (?) showing on site:

    Also a selection of other Renaults there too. Not sure on croxx-compatibility but if you measure between…[Read more]

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    No, I’m definitely not allergic to ours.

  • Not a recipe, but I discovered pesto mayonnaise in Sainsburys last night. It’s amazing! Had it in a chicken salad wrap. I could have happiy squirted it directly in to my mouth.

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