• Is it just me or is it terrible?

    Any time I try to save anything the files app hangs and doesn’t show any content that’s saved.

    So just now I’m filling an online form in, uploaded a pdf from my iCloud Drive to the form and it worked fine.

    I now need to upload another pdf which is an attachment to an email, so I open the pdf and click on share…[Read more]

  • they are nearly all swb.

    Ours isn’t 🙂 Although the layout is kind of SWB but with a massive boot.

  • We went to the Scottish one to get ideas for our new van which will be a self build.

    There’s was a small room with a few T6s in, we didn’t really look in there as we have a T5 already and want something bigger.

    It was a nice wander around and some nice vans, but ultimately it showed us that no one makes what we want off the shelf. We also don…[Read more]

  • Was at ‘shee today and it was lovely.

    Saw some photos today and it was looking good. We considered heading up but really needed to spend the day just chilling.

    Fingers crossed I can get there over the next few weeks sometime, I’ve had epic days at Glenshee.

    So I’m thinking of driving up to on of the Scottish ski areas for a couple of da…

    [Read more]

  • We’ve just booked.

    3 days at Val Thorens right at the end of the season, 29th April. Does anyone know what VT is like on their closing weekend? Either completely dead, a big part or just a normal weekend?

    And a week in Ischgl on 14th March. Haven’t been to Austria since a school trip about 22 years ago and fancied somewhere different.

  • phil5556 replied to the topic Nest/Hive Opinions in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’d get one just because we’re rubbish at remembering to turn heating off when we go out, which is nice to come in to a toasty house but probably not the best for the environment or our bank balance.

    There’s list of about 10 boilers not compatible with a smart thermostat, ours is one of them obviously 🙄

  • phil5556 replied to the topic Pilots of STW – help please in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    The routes over the ocean change daily based on wind/weather. They try to plan to maximise tail winds / minimise headwinds and avoid weather. You’ll be fine.

    Very few planes fall out of the sky due weather, and most of those are when they’re near the ground.

    Enjoy your holiday 👍🙂

  • Why does she want to give up?

    My (now) wife wanted to give to work, or at least give up the career and go and do something “easy”.

    Turned out what she really needed was support, to see a doctor, some counselling and some time out. It took a few years but she’s happier than ever at the moment and working part time now is suiting her well.…[Read more]

  • I’m just working my way through the first series. Has seen the odd advert for it but hadn’t paid much attention until now.

    Enjoying it 🙂

  • Will keep an eye on this.

    We were just in Sri Lanka for our honeymoon and were going to do a safari in Yala national park. But decided to chill at the coast instead of the 7hour round trip to get there and promised ourselves another safari trip in the future 🙂

  • phil5556 replied to the topic Van hire excess cover? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    There’s a voluntary £250 excess I could have added but I paid an extra tenner to get no excess.

    £40 which is a fair bit more than the few pounds I usually pay but it’s still cheaper than hiring a car (ignoring the super cheap off site companies like green motion etc).

    Think the van has a £1200xs on it.

  • phil5556 replied to the topic Van hire excess cover? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    @maccruiskeen cheers I’ve gone with them

  • This was unfortunately the conclusion I reached looking middle of last year, That won’t remain the case forever but it still needs some more early adopters

    It’s not far off. Ours is going to cost £330 /month insured and maintained. Could have got it down to nearly £300 if I didn’t want the “S” and wasn’t fussed about colour and a couple of o…[Read more]

  • We’ve got an i3 ordered on salary sacrifice through Zenith, not sure if that’s who the NHS use too but if it is it starts at only £15/month more so worth a look.

    We’ll be fitting a charger and getting an off peak Tariff as most of charging will be at home. Commute is 65 mile round trip and electric seems a good way to do it.

    There’s been a c…[Read more]

  • phil5556 started the topic Van hire excess cover? in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    I’m hiring a van for a couple of days as it’s so much cheaper than a car but the excess cover I usually use doesn’t cover vans.

    Any recommendations? I’ve found some for £40 for 3 days, which is too much. The equivalent for a car is £7.


  • While all the Sonos users are in one place can someone answer an AirPlay question please…

    Currently I have no AirPlay compatible players, if I add one I can use the Apple Music app or bbc sounds etc to control what the Sonos is playing – I think?

    Does it then allow all players to be controlled independently using AirPlay? Or will it only let…[Read more]

  • I’ve just fitted a Dashcam as I’m fed up of arseholes taking the piss on the roads.

    It’s not going to stop them taking the piss though, you’ll just have a video of them doing it.

    Also what are you counting as “taking the piss”? I drive about 20k miles and find Myself involved in very little conflict on the roads.

  • The advice from the police was to leave the keys downstairs in plain sight so anyone breaking in for the keys can just take them…cars can be replaced, that’s what insurance is for.

    Ours are in the hall not far from the front door. It took a while to train my wife not to leave them in her handbag and take it upstairs next to the bed. I’d much…[Read more]

  • Mate at work his house broken in to recently for the keys to his Dacia Logan and Skoda Citigo. They took both.

    I quite fancied a Golf R or Leon Cupra 300 but quickly dismissed the idea due to the likelihood of our house getting broken in to.

  • phil5556 replied to the topic New passport time. in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Just replaced mine doesn’t have European Union on the cover still red.

    My other half just got a new one after we got married and she changed her name, red but without European Union on the cover. It is a bit sad tbh.

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