• Apart from the lynching from the usual suspects this thread has made me realise how terrible my industry is for job benefits.
    I get minimum statutory holiday allowance, 5 days paid sick leave, statutory minimum pension and that’s it.
    This year we were emailed to say no Christmas meal (we’ve never had one anyway!?) but that we are free to…[Read more]

  • After spending a lot of time researching this when we had our first child we went for a second hand Quinny buzz for about 50£ with pram and car sEat. It allowed you to clip on the car seat to the frame which is much more practical than getting baby in and out of a pram.
    We found that in reality, we hardly used it at all. Most trips out…[Read more]

  • I’m maybe 4 or 5 months or so pregnant if that helps? Do they come up a bit big or something?

    I don’t have a decathlon near me, although have bought an insulated jacket from them in store when I was in Oxford last year and was quite impressed with it for the money. Is it better than the endura one?

  • I am after a hooded softshell for biking, mainly used winter and spring or if weather is a bit off (I have a decent waterproof). Budget is 90 quids. I’ve seen the endura singletrack 2 softshell in budget and like the look but maybe there are other options available or non biking specific that someone could recommend?