• Just checked and I took it pretty steady down Ventoux in August 2018. I’d bonked on the way up and still planned a decent look before home so just enjoyed the epicness of the descent to Sault for food and coffee. The Gorge de la Nesque after lunch was the best road descent ever and at a good lick with a french roadie showing me the lines.

    No…[Read more]

  • Not been in one for ages as use online, until this last week. They’ve closed all the nearby Natwest branches and that combined with not being v inspired by any of their savigs/ card offerings I thought I should exercise my consumer rights. Not moved since going to liverpool uni at 18!

    HSBC were offering £175 for switching and…[Read more]

  • pedlad replied to the topic Spec my work showers in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    Usually think about how a few simple design steps would make for a great shower when struggling on one foot,trying to dry myself in a muddy pool of water. Best one’s I’ve seen so far are 3-cliffs in pembrokeshire, but basically :

    Wet room style – no soggy horrid curtains
    Big enough to have a dry area for changing
    If not a wooden slatted “floor”…[Read more]

  • Was it though? I don’t remember it being malty at all, just a richer more flavoursome version of golden syrup.

  • The shutting of the garage door, signifying I won the internal debate about going out and now it’s going to be fun.
    The shout ahead of “woah oh …..” followed by a giggle from a mate who went into a corner way to hot

  • A conversation on a ride last night got me reminiscing about something my gran used to buy – I think it was known as dark syrup. It was half way between golden syrup and black treacle. Absolutely bloomin delicious on toast but was discontinued. I can’t remember if it was Tate & Lyle or the other brand that did it. Pretty sure this was a real…[Read more]

  • Thought that might be the answer. I’ll just buy the seal and cross fingers/blame you lot when the old one breaks next week ;->
    Was just interested in how much more efficient a new one would be over the 10 yr old one.
    ps – we do have a clothes maid (and washing line) and already dry a lot of stuff in the warm utility – where all the underfloor…[Read more]

  • I know I know…..inefficient, carbon footprint etc but Mrs P won’t do without….at least until the boys (and me) stop putting half their dinner down their front every meal….

    Current old, twice-repaired, tumble dryer needs a new seal, which is a surprising amount of money to just self-buy to fit. Whilst I’d usually rather poke my own eyes out…[Read more]

  • So after a steer from here, I ask the odd question on the snowheads forum – v informative and useful but whilst it looks like something from the early 90’s OMG it highlights how clunky and frustrating this platform is. It’s quick to load, has sensible links to your own posts at the top of the page etc etc. Appreciate this place has to wash its…[Read more]

  • Just booked accommodation in Madonna di Campiglio for a week in February.
    Anyone been? Care to share the good, bad and ugly?

    I don’t think they do ugly there do they? You’re not ugly are you 😉

  • pedlad replied to the topic Digital map of italian alps in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Nice – thanks

  • pedlad replied to the topic 4G home broadband in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I think the vodafone app lets you block devices, but not sure it lets you limit consumption…

  • pedlad started the topic Digital map of italian alps in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    As in ordnance survey equivalent showing topography etc.
    Does anyone know if this exists – preferably free but understand it may have to be paid for.

  • I agree that the winter tyres make a massive difference to the ride comfort around the pot-holed roads of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire where I do most miles. Down a rim size and bigger sidewalls plus softer compound.

    That reference to spare wheel got me thinking…it’s a space saver but non winter. So if (God forbid) we were to have a…[Read more]

  • That people whave the skills to build amazing quality bike lights in their garage and sell them to you (Troutie RIP). Some great advice on bike maintenance interspersed with useful knowledge, wide ranging opinions and comedy flounces.

  • pedlad replied to the topic Will it ever stop raining? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    #pedant# isn’t the express left leaning?

    But yes, chuffing fed up of the rain now. Even the gravelly wet proof paths have had mud and leaves sliding off the hills onto them.

  • pedlad replied to the topic What's your winter strategy? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Switch to hardtail predominantly, add mud tyres (made a massive difference to my enjoyment), add mudguard and carry on riding 2-3 times a week. Whilst happy to do this I detest for some reason, road riding in the wet/grimy/gritty weather so the miles accumulated really slows this time of year.

    Try to jog round wet fields once a week too but that…[Read more]

  • pedlad replied to the topic Sonos or? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Had some issues with the controller accessing the devices via certain access points connected on powerline ethernet. Got a mesh network now and all is fine.

    I thought that might be the response and will consider if prices in jan sales are good, unless someone has experience of doing something that fixes it via the powerlines?

  • pedlad replied to the topic Sonos or? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Yes very much like Sonos on the whole. Amongst others we’ve a Large Kitchen diner with a 2 wall mounted play 1 + sub set-up which sounds v good although you have to slightly dial the bass back from the trueplay setting it creates.

    Agree that the sonos app is not as good as controlling playback from as the Spotify app.

    We have an intermittent…[Read more]

  • Worth noting the hope service includes new pads so v good value imho

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