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    if I give 8 weeks notice in can they force me to take 4 and kick me out sooner than I want?

    Yes they can as the contract you have only commits them to pay you for 4 and then this

    ended up with a month unpaid between jobs as a result

    Also re burning bridges, you never know:
    Just had a few colleagues go in quick succession to join an old MD at…[Read more]

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    I was told when mine were toddlers to enjoy it as it goes so quick….but not sure I was ready for the feeling that the passing of time is accelerating quite as much as it is now – Boys of 12 and 14

    Older one just breezed past me at 6ft with size 12 feet and it’s still another couple of months before he’s 15. Great lad – gentle giant really (I’m…[Read more]

  • @wej
    Did a say there a good few years ago. Loved the sense of travel across the three valleys. Go to Alagna for lunch one of the days. If you’re an off piste type get up to punta indren.

  • I’ve had power lines for a few years but seemed to drop out more recently and stop playing nicely with sonos (only some rooms showing from some places or whole system not visible).

    Another vote for Tenda nova mesh. Cheap compared to other mesh systems and a bit fiddly to set up but in two weeks now and v pleased.

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    Decathlon have a decent range and you can sit on them first.

  • pedlad replied to the topic Anyone set up webcams? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Pool webcam feed to public website you say….you may want to get some legal advice on privacy notices/opt-in.

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    I’ve just gone cheap and cheerful with a Tenda set on offer on amazon. Hence why the instructions weren’t’ up to much, just referring to plug master node into the “modem” and not mentioning best to turn off the router wifi function.

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    ok thanks – Makes sense as was worried that the devices would be in a constant flip flow between router and mesh.

  • pedlad started the topic Home mesh setup in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    After getting fed up with powerlines keep dropping off I’ve bought a mesh set up. The instructions are pretty poor though and I’m wondering is it best practice to give it the same SSID and password as the router or a different setup? Haven;t been able to find a definitive answer via google so thought STW would help!

  • Not sure on the legal position but I think the benefits of winter tyres/snow socks/ chains are all subtly different:

    Snow snocks – get you moving on snow covered roads, not so much ice. Will have limited braking and steering control as just fabric that isn’t mechanically attached to the tyre. So may be compromised when coming down mountain in icy…[Read more]

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    Whilst I too disliked the mistreatment of two cars I really like I thought the top gear nepal special was far more entertaining compared to TGT. Stunning scenery and cinematography without the clarkson politico-historical point-making.

  • pedlad replied to the topic Why are my road brakes rubbish? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Agreed that shimano stock pads are rubbish and big improvements to be had from swiss stop or salmon kool pads. Also use that small screw adjuster to ensure both pads contact the rim at the same time.

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    Another vote for wye valley Herefordshire pale ale. Warning:2 may lead to many more….

  • Good to hear that Rockhopper as it backs up what I’d been thinking and reading on the web (there’s a guy out there railing against the damp-proof industry for sealing up old historic houses with modern chemicals and plasters).

    OP – how old is the house?

    I have an Edwardian semi and we have some (minor) issues in the joinig wall and it’s chimney…[Read more]

  • Yep along with a few hundred others in the village – great atmosphere with fire torches and some in character outfits – always get some grumpy bugger in a car trying to get through the crowd being jeered at – don’t they know this is deepest ‘shire?!

  • Just checked and I took it pretty steady down Ventoux in August 2018. I’d bonked on the way up and still planned a decent look before home so just enjoyed the epicness of the descent to Sault for food and coffee. The Gorge de la Nesque after lunch was the best road descent ever and at a good lick with a french roadie showing me the lines.

    No…[Read more]

  • Not been in one for ages as use online, until this last week. They’ve closed all the nearby Natwest branches and that combined with not being v inspired by any of their savigs/ card offerings I thought I should exercise my consumer rights. Not moved since going to liverpool uni at 18!

    HSBC were offering £175 for switching and…[Read more]

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    Usually think about how a few simple design steps would make for a great shower when struggling on one foot,trying to dry myself in a muddy pool of water. Best one’s I’ve seen so far are 3-cliffs in pembrokeshire, but basically :

    Wet room style – no soggy horrid curtains
    Big enough to have a dry area for changing
    If not a wooden slatted “floor”…[Read more]

  • Was it though? I don’t remember it being malty at all, just a richer more flavoursome version of golden syrup.

  • The shutting of the garage door, signifying I won the internal debate about going out and now it’s going to be fun.
    The shout ahead of “woah oh …..” followed by a giggle from a mate who went into a corner way to hot

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