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  • yeh the plastic adaptor combined with a standard ht2 tool, im not sure will get enough purchase on it, especially with it being plastic too, ill have a look at that tonight, but also the chainring inside sticks out, so it gives you even less space to get the ht2 tool on with the adaptor

    ill just end up getting the tool but i know my lbs will have…[Read more]

  • Yeh it’s no biggy I’ll find one the lbs will have one I’m sure, just wondered if there was an alternative tool out there but seemingly shimano have provided each crank set with one, so must be specific to this system I’m guessing

  • I could try the spanner type one with the tool in, but there’s no much exposed splines on the actual mount itself so not sure ill get it in dep enough to grip

  • No bud it won’t go on the other way as its round and no splines that side for it to slide on to

    Have you got an isis bb tool? Is that not the same fitting as the splines on these? (not got the tools with me at work but have a isis bb tool at home)

  • Yeh sadly doesn’t slide over which is gutting, other wise it would fit perfectly on the splines

    As for the plastic adaptor, you have to put the spline side on first facing inwards towards the direct mount chainring, meaning the exposed side of the tool is just round plastic, there’s no way to grip it with any form of tool with it being round

  • Thanks for the reply bud

    I do have the bb tool like yours far left problem is that won’t slide over the Crank axle to get to the direct mount ring

    The adaptor slides on but then there’s no way of gripping it with anything as it’s round on the outer side (so nothing to attach it to) unless I’m being totally numpty headed!

  • mine have’nt come with the tool to remove the bleeding chainring!

    does anyone know if anything else will fit to remove it? i have various other bb type sockets (one that worked on raceface direct mount chainrings) at home, but want to know before i get home tonight if possible


  • Oscillate Wildly replied to the topic Yeti sb130 riders in the forum Bike Forum 18 hours ago

    Cool sounds good and no issues with them then that’s good to hear

    Do wish It was threaded though!

  • Oscillate Wildly replied to the topic Yeti sb130 riders in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    cool so its still doable – its only on the LR version it seems to come with a 2.4 dhr2 looking at it

    id get the shop to look at dishing it then, if i was to go down that route, i agree which is why i was skeptical about the 2020 being different, some folk have said it on the sb130 thread mtbr, but no actual proof

    i really do want to go 29er so…[Read more]

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    cool about the tyres – interesting that they now actually supply the 2.4 dhr2 exo+ as standard on the t1 model sb130, so you’d think that it would have ample space as it is

    did you say yours is a 2020 frame hobnob? seems odd if you had to redish it for that exact same tyre if thats how they come now fitted

    im so tempted give the sb140 a go…[Read more]

  • Oscillate Wildly replied to the topic Yeti sb130 riders in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    thanks for the responses – as i thought the newer versions are far less problematic than the yetis (which has put people off for life it seems like me!) of old!

    i dont mind bearings every 6 months if it keeps it smooth, ive had various frames over the years and all have needed replacing around the 6 month mark especially after a uk winter

    dave -…[Read more]

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    cheers for the info –

    hobnob – thats impressive as im sure you give it a good raggin! thats very positive indeed, thats the only thing in the back of my mind, im coming from SC, which are stupidly reliable frames, easy to work on and maintain and warranty back up seems incredible! but i do feel like a change, theres a few other mid travel 29ers…[Read more]

  • Oscillate Wildly replied to the topic Yeti sb130 riders in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Tbh I’ve not heard of terrible warranty issues In the last few years, yeti of 5 to 10 years ago yes, but just recently I’ve not heard of many failures at all on the new breed, I’ve trawled mtbr threads and surprisingly not found many reports at all and if I have the warrantys been sorted

    However that’s in the US so maybe a different kettle of fish here

  • Oscillate Wildly started the topic Yeti sb130 riders in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Seriously tempted to go 29er and think I wants change from usual brand

    I’ve always longed for a yeti and always been put off by various horror stroies

    But the sb130 looks just the perfect bike for me on paper

    Has anyone got one and used it for a long time without issue?

    Bearings wear quickly? Press fit bb garbage? Anything else to be wary of?

  • Hey clubby

    Cheers for reply

    Yeh I thought theyd be tight for reasons you say

    But these are just incredible tight and there’s no flex in them

    I can get them off easier than getting them on but even still its not easy

    Getting them on is a real pain to do
    , really unsure what to do!

  • So I’m wondering whether to keep them or send them back

    Main issue is by christ the ankle hole is tight and extremely hard to get over my heal? Is this normal?

    I can do it easier with socks off, but any hint of any form of sock and it just doesn’t work, should they be that tight or have I got a rogue pair?

  • righty – they turned up

    my god they are hard to get over my heels, are they meant to be that tapered? I have normal size 9 feet nothing out the ordinary, I almost felt like I was going to rip them just getting them over

    size wise they fit maybe a little on the bigger size than id like (quickly tried on at work) but im in a thin work shirt, so…[Read more]

  • wow cheers for all the responses! appreciated sounds like exactly what im after

    ive tried a few and they all seem to be too thick and heavy, or rustly material and flappy

    im hoping these are fairly similar to the fox ones in terms of fit but obviously more waterproof where needed

    all day pedalling and pads ideal too – so they sound just the…[Read more]

  • are they generally quite a slim/light fitting pant? i dont particularly want a baggy loose, falling down type pant when wet cos they are that heavy(so basically every ride!)

  • Perfect I’m just shy of 6ft so sounds like medium are the ones then, never thought about the leg length, don’t want be half mast Harry!

    Cheers for the fast reponses!

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