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    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/NVcdkeo93Go” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    Ive got a 29er bootzipper and like it very much (its only been out once mind)
    Foolishly took it down the usual haunts tracks with people on enduro bikes. I went slow, hot beaten up and suffered. But I didnt die and fun was had by all.
    I didnt feel it needed to be any slacker. Unlike a suspended bike Its not dropping into its travel under load,…[Read more]

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  • had an Urban arrow, which was amazing, but the OH wouldn’t ride it. It was quite the yacht.

    replaced it with a second hand Yuba El mundo which is great.
    Its a heavy thing, but with the electric assist it whips along, and its not so heavy your stuffed if you get a flat battery.
    Bit annoying to have to have pannier to use it as a shopping trolley.…[Read more]

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    I had an urban arrow cargo bike, which was great, but at a max GVW of around 200kg, the 250w support could have been more effective.
    Considered getting a Front wheel motor to complement the rear driven mid motor. Would’ve been a total 500W 2WD.
    Our Yuba El Mundo is FWD electric assist. I thought it was going to be awful, but im pretty impressed.…[Read more]

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    It’s here.
    After a fashion,it’s built.
    NOS superstar wheels, hayes9s that have spent the last 10yrs in a box, and a blend of 9speed Xt and Xtr with stainless cogs front and rear.
    Oh,and a free reverb!

    Only ridden across town so far, but it’s really very nice to ride, and I didn’t die riding by down a short stair step.

    Wondering if I’ll get an…[Read more]

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    Where are you?

    We got quotes at around £8k from al!l the usual suspects, for chipboard carcases and laminate doors.
    Got a carpenter to do us the same in birch plywood carcasses and solid ash faces and drawers for 9k
    All custom, to maximise space, so no dead space. Its lovely.

  • Strikes me that the difference of 0.7mm, between 30.9 and 31.6, isn’t worth spending nearly tenner on a seat post shim for?
    I’ve just mocked up a shim from a sheet of 0.5mm, and obviously it’s too snug (total 1mm), but I was able to make it nice and long, and was also able to cut it with a Stanley knife.
    Anyone running a pikey seat post…[Read more]

  • They are 2mm deep, which is a bit of a nub on a naked phone, but it sticks out no further than my phone case, so i dont notice it.
    It is a rare earth magnet, so will attract keys, coins, metal filings, however the brass electrical connectors are 0.25mm recessed into the body, ive noticed no issue with shorting across the contacts, and ive never…[Read more]

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    too many great “proper” games to waste time on crap ones.

    See if you can get a copy of Masquerade

    Very quick to pick up. a longer time to master.

    i believe its a similar thing to Coup, but ive not played that.

  • another option are the ebay kits where you plug a magnetic plug into each device (and leave it in) and then the lead sticks to all the plugs. Never tried them myself.


    ive got them. They’re brilliant.get your phone within a cm of the cable and click, its on. big fan.

  • Spent an hour rummaging through the spent packaging and looking through all the. Bubble wrap.

    Can anyone advise where Oo hide the hanger on the new frames? Has anyone else not had one?

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    Ballistic/Bullet proof Masks. Getting quite a lot of attention on youtube. War Porn for deep south americans

  • bb removal use a big g-clamp to hold the splined tool firmly in place so it doesn’t slip off / mash the splines.

    I always just put the crank bolt back on the BB to hold the tool on.

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    Utter utter utter utter…. utter…. crap.

    I think Michael Bay is taking the piss now.

    Critics and anyone over the age of 12
    “Michael Bay films are just (admittedly beautifully shot) Action twaddle, where anything that isnt a product placement seems to be made of explodium. Constant stream of low slung under bum shots for the girls, terrible…[Read more]

  • depends on the meter Cougar, Mine’s got a masonry setting.
    Damp’s damp.

    Woudnt put me off. Some causes can cost more to fix than others, but i cant think of a cause that cant be sorted one way or another

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    XL bootzipper (or box saying thats whats in it) arrived today, . past week or so ive been collecting spare parts and buying new odds and ends where necessary.
    Just need to make some space in “the shop” and we’re under way.

    Dont think ive EVER faced a BB. the threads are long enough and the spacers squishy enough, that it would have to be way out…[Read more]

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    How long does the On One account page sit on “In Picking” typically? I would ask OO chat, but dont want to scupper my chances of getting it this year. :s

  • drill a hole in the tyre then patch it when you get it off?

  • Yes, but the gearinches reduction will be massively offset by the effect of the extra friction involved in running squishy tyres.

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