• oldgit started the topic Vintage watch tips in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I’ve just been gifted a Smiths Deluxe watch of 1950’s era.
    It has been overhauled by the Antique watch Co, but I don’t want to go in ham fisted. Especially the winding….like how often….do you wind until you get that resistance?
    Any tips, thank you.

  • oldgit replied to the topic Dead Starlings… in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I’ve witnessed something like this in Spain in the 70s.
    The streets, hotels and pools were covered in dead starlings.

  • No not a thing. I successfully got a mortgage on it without having any docs.
    It was converted in 2016.
    I have nothing, not even the certificates for the central heating or rewiring.

  • Selling my house, and I’ve been asked to provide planning permission and consent certificates.
    I live in an old pub that was converted to four freehold houses.
    I bought one of those houses, surely I wouldn’t be in possession of all the planning certificates.
    Is it right that I’ve been asked to supply them.

  • Just curious to know how many other riders just point they’re road bikes off road with gay abandon?

    I do it randomly, think Rapha hell of the north, Lion of Leighton and the HONC. I mean apart from pinch flats what’s wrong with that. What I’m saying is, tell me you do it a lot and I don’t need a gravel bike!

  • Been trying to remove the little porcelain? cold legend on the bath taps on and off for about two years with no joy. Unscrewed it with my big toe whilst having a soak the other day.

  • Thank you BearBack

    Sadly the bloody nipple as snapped as well flush with the hub. So that’s a nice DT Swiss 240s hub in the bin.

  • Broke a spoke some time back, right flush with the nipple on the hub.
    Going to try and sort it as the wheels were hardly ever used