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    Compare and contrast these events with Ant McParlane.

    Both celebs that made high profile “errors” One was given time to sort themselves out. One was hounded to their death.

    But then, only one of them was a woman.

    I dont think sex, gender or race came into this, I think she simply had fallen into the spotlight trap of surrounding herself wit…[Read more]

  • I moved into a new build with a shared wet room between the two first floor bathrooms, one night when cleaning it got a shoot from downstairs to stop as water was coming out the light switch sockets downstairs below it…

    There were other issues such as the wrong doors being used, but even if the issues didnt occur, it was a rubbish idea, a few…[Read more]

  • oikeith replied to the topic Freestyle BMX for my nephew in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    @Therack are the wheels on the race bike 20inch? or does it run flat bars instead of a 2 piece?

    When my nephew was 8 I picked him up a 12inched wheel BMX which was more suited to his height and general size.

  • Reading that PB article reminded me of something I saw on GMBN tech for SRAM about balancing the pressure systems between the caliper and the piston by removing the pads, inserting a pad spacer tool and squeezing the lever but providing firm resistance to even it out.

  • oikeith replied to the topic My first garage. A blank canvas in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    Probably the floor. It’s still half tarmac, half concrete, cracked and dusty. Looked at various self levelling compounds but haven’t committed to anything yet. It’s pretty daunting for a first timer.

    I looked at this when I bought a house and finally had a garage, I ended up going to screwfix and getting the leyland trade heavy duty floor paint…[Read more]

  • I was new to bleeding SRAM brakes last year @samuelr nails it really, when doing this step though:

    Remove pads, re set the pistons place the bleed block

    I’ll squeeze the lever so that the pistons are gripping the bleed block, LBS said to do it, something about space behind the pistons I think.

  • oikeith replied to the topic Ohlins paint- coil in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    Noticed this on mine the other day too

  • @dmorts I had a removable towbar fitted to my 2015 Passat by a mobile fitter, your price does sound high.

    OP, I only have a towbar rack the same one as you actually, I also used to wince when going down narrow hedged roads, but it was okay and the only damage I had was to the wheel holders which would crack from the front wheel wobbling as the…[Read more]

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    do you need to strap a reg plate to the bike?

    I have used mine for a year and have not…

  • oikeith replied to the topic What bike rack did I see? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Was it a Scorpion Rack? I have one and prefer it to my Thule rack, takes two bikes, easy to mount and load, keeps the wheels out of the bushes, although does mean bug splatter on the front wheel in the summer!

  • oikeith replied to the topic Bulb 'smart meter'.. in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    The term you’re looking for here is SMETS1 and SMETS2. SMETS2 is supplier-agnostic, some SMETS1 meters can be upgraded to use the (national) DCC network but AFAIK not all of them

    I’d avoided using the words SMETS as others had called it gen 1 and 2, all SMETS1 meters will be migrated to the DCC network during 2020, not all will be successful. P…[Read more]

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    OP I have just looked back through my garmin swimming activities, it took me 4 months to swim 1650metres in one effort.

    I too went down after not swimming for years, realised granny breaststroke and drowning man freestyle wouldnt cut it so watched a few youtube videos and went to the pool two times a week (occasionally 3). Once I had cracked…[Read more]

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    As this is the most recent thread i can find (and conveniently its about Bulb), have the thoughts on Smart Meters changed at all? Or still all a bit ‘meh’? Just been offered a gen 2 (so can be transferred between suppliers, apparently) meter from Bulb but not sure whether to bother

    gen 2 will mean if you change supplier you wont lose the sma…[Read more]

  • I used to suffer with slight numbness of the feet in summer and cold feet in the winter. I picked up some of the specialized insoles which helped. In the winter I also then stopped wearing two pairs of socks which were restricting blood flow IMO and made sure my knees were covered and warm.

  • This:

    Buy a cheap van to drive the bikes down there, then sell it when you get back?
    Fuel, insurance, tax, loss when selling etc. split 11 ways won’t be much

    or this:

    2k for a week between 11 people is only 180 each

    Bike bag and hold luggage is around £100 extra on flight costs, plus getting a bike bag itself to put them in, rentals ar…[Read more]

  • I get confused between some types of flooring, but I am having my kitchen done shortly with Karndean flooring, I was considering laminate but the Karndean comes with a guarantee up to 35years depending on what you go with. My chippy mate had laminate which didnt last 10years and he wasnt impressed with in general.

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    Now, hard hard are they to fit…………….

    Not very,small allen key to drop the old pads out, use a plastic tyre lever to push the pistons back, grab the new pads, dont touch the material, I run them briefly under the tap and rub them together before rinsing and then drop them in and reinsert the retaining pin. Few pumps of the lever and youre away.

  • I had the 920xt and recently moved to the 735xt, really like it as a watch and then a sports watch. Reading the DC Rainmaker review reads like a good watch with some nice new features.

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    I found my Stans Flow mk3 to be made of cheese

  • oikeith replied to the topic Guide R Pads in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    I used the Uber Race Matrix until I switched to the Uber E Race Matrix earlier this year. Both are excellent pads with lots of bite and 4 pairs can be had for the price of 2 pairs of OE pads!

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