• So how would this work in a sport like boxing?

    Born male, identified as female and competes as a female. Would that also be fair?

    I’ve absolutely no idea what the answer is but I don’t have any time for McKinnon purely down to her attitude!

  • Is the iPad Air any good?

    My four or five year old iPad is well past it’s best now and is painfully slow so I’m after a replacement. The mini looks a reasonable size for what I want but the Air looks pretty good as well.

  • notmyrealname replied to the topic muddy clothes and kit in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    Strip off in the garage, muddy gear hosed down to get the worst of the mud off then everything gets chucked into a drying cabinet. Shorts, t-shirt and flip flops go on to get back into the house.

    Same thing for wet road rides, commutes or motorbike rides, strip in the garage and the wet stuff goes in the dryer. Dry clothes on to get back into the…[Read more]