• Nobby replied to the topic Help! PS4 won't connect to WiFi in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    You might need to do what bentandbroken says.

    Had a similar issue a while back & found the only way to do it was to ‘reset’ the internet connection – I think it was via the “view connection” menu? It’ll check the connection then give you the option to reset it – at this point you can choose your new extender.

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  • I’m with bikebuoy – smart motorways and sections of roadworks with average speed cameras are the most well-behaved bits of the motorway network in England, I reckon.

    Apart from the Jct 10 to Jct 8 of the M20 which has been ‘prepared for Brexit’ for nearly a year now. The two remaining lanes are too narrow with little/no safety devices on the…[Read more]

  • What poopscoop says.

    You can, however, order online to collect in store getting the benefit of any deals they have. You then get your BC discount as well when you collect it – just remember to take the ‘pay in store’ option.