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  • That’s nothing to do with Virgin and everything to do with that specific staff member. Jobsworths everywhere.

  • This guy from Brussels had his bike GPS tracked. It went to Albania, so sounds like a wide market for cheap stuff.

    A friend had her (very high end custom built) road bike nicked, it showed up for same in a shop in Romania, for a sickeningly cheap price, no one would think it was legit.

  • Anyway, (IMO)head torches are for the trails.
    I don’t use them on the road.

    This x1000. I seem to have far fewer near misses than many people from reading on here. Helmet lights are not helpful on the road – they’re in an odd place (high up), they move, so they’re not a fixed point of reference. They’re often dazzling too, which means drivers h…[Read more]

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    Christ what abomination of bolognese is that photo? No wonder it needs ketchup.

    This, looks horrific.

    Red sauce is almost as bad as talking about “fizzy pop” for soft drinks.

    I also eat the entire kiwi fruit, except the really tough bit on the end, but I certainly eat the skin, it’s really nice.

  • I wouldn’t only want joint accounts because it’s shit for stuff like buying presents, and frankly whilst I don’t care about mrs njee20 knowing I don’t want to feel I have to justify all my expenditure. We have personal accounts and both pay into a joint account.

    I’ve also got a Monzo account because it’s good for foreign transactions, and I’ve ne…[Read more]

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    Yes, turning right onto Dunswell Lane just north of the dodgy roundabout (which does look a bit crap on Streetview) looks better. Goes under the A1079 and only adds a couple of miles.

    Or this way through the lanes. Not that I know the area at all, just like maps!

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    +1 for licking. Stick the fabric bit through the washing machine every 6 months or so.

  • We have a Bugaboo Buffalo (I believe it’s been merged with the more city-based Chameleon as the “Fox”), and it’s been superb. Also got a Bugaboo Bee for keeping in the car, it’s far less stable, or sturdy, but much lighter than the Buffalo, and one piece. Both very good, would have both again.

    Mrs njee20 has commented she’d definitely…[Read more]

  • Like I said up there I’ve had an Anycubic Photon for a couple of months, and I love it.

    I wash prints in an ultrasonic bath of 99% IPA, then rinse under the tap, then cure in a UV lamp thing designed for drying nails. Still can’t quite get to grips with the curing times, I think I overcure stuff, which makes it brittle. For what I want FDM jus…[Read more]

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    I’ve got a Von Haus one in the garage, it’s very good. Heats up fast, gets hot. Timer, rudimentary thermostat.

  • Surprised you can shift better under power, is that because the motor is stronger than a human hand, or is it a clever synchronisation thing?

    Both. It has far more torque, but it can also time the shifts. It is really seamless. I don’t tend to do it, because I just don’t like it, but you can shift comfortably whilst still out of the saddle and…[Read more]

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    I had an OBS try to sell me a ticket which would have been invalid, for 2 different reasons (he was trying to save me money by splitting my ticket, however my train doesn’t stop at the station the split was for, and one leg was only valid on a different TOC to mine). He explained that he didn’t care, I pointed out that the chap on my return…[Read more]

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    I’ve never touched mine since I set it up.

    I liked the idea of the tap, but it never worked for me, I mainly bar mount my Diablo (on the road) though.

  • Am I missing something, the Danny Hart video linked to has no commentary at all for me, just the ambient sound.

    That is definitely my answer, I still watch it periodically, it’s truly phenomenal, as a piece of athleticism and the presentation thereof!

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    I bought a pair in about May. They’ve been in the door pocket of my car ever since. I must get around to fitting them, although they’re going on the summer bike which now won’t get used until spring!