• As above, it’s worth getting an isolator. You might be able to get it done at the same time. It’ll make future (DIY) work easier. Last new meter I had they fitted one as standard. Also had one fitted a while back before I had a new cu. The electricity supplier arranged for about £70 which was worth it me rather than working live.

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    Morzine is much better located imo. It is nearer the middle, whereas Les gets is right on the end. It’s also downhill from most places. That means you can ride further, later and still get home easily at the end of the day. To get back to Les gets you need be home before the lifts shit or face a bit of a climb. Both are nice towns with good hotels…[Read more]

  • Join to pieces to make a 90 deg joint

    Not a great job with a hand router. Better to use a chop saw if the bits are small or a rail saw if they big. Both tools are very useful if you don’t own them, and can be bought pretty cheaply now. Use this job as an excuse to get one. If you really must router them then a rabbit joint would be easier to…[Read more]

  • Is that including getting it signed off and certified? You can always DIY it but you’ll need to pay someone to do the signing off (which will likely be more than getting someone in to do the work and self certify). Hard too say if it’s too much as you haven’t told us the prices but if it is not much over £250 all in then I’d say it wasn’t too bad…[Read more]

  • Does sound more like a job for a PIR.

  • Does sound a bit extreme. Depends on the laptop really. If it’s due an upgrade then a new one might be the easy option. If it is still functional apart from the malware then I’d look to fix it. A new SSD would be a good upgrade and get rid of all the software. Should be able to re-install windows pretty easily.

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    We’ve got one. Can’t remember the brand but its a cheap one. It is adequate as an oven. The rings on the top are pretty poor for cooking but fine for soup or beans. It was dirt cheap from Facebook. Worth looking on there or ebay. Loads of people buy them for temporary fill in (like you are doing) then get rid after. When I did our kitchen I just…[Read more]

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    But to compare vented and condenser driers you need to look at the actual figures

    You need to do this for all appliances. I was very surprised when looking at fridges. Almost every single one was A+ with a few A++. They had hugely different power ratings and running costs though

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    We’ve got a Viking (made by Stihl) and it’s great. Cuts well, battery lasts.well. Nice and light. Really convenient and clean. Very happy with it.

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    Electronics? Any old multicore.


    Sounds like you are massively over thinking it. Good technique and a well tinned iron will make a lot more difference.

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    “my shed is too big”, said no one, ever.

  • I’ve seen a few industrial buildings with internal guttering for leaks. It does work. You can do similar with string or chain for small amounts of water. The surface tension keeps the water stuck to the string. You can use sealant. I’ve done this on a corrugated roof with reasonable success. Use a heavy duty roof and gutter sealant. Takes a while…[Read more]

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    Old stuff removed, put in a skip and taken away

    One advantage of DIY is you can avoid this. Trades understandably love skips for convenience but loads of useful materials end up in them. When I did our bathroom the basin and taps went on freecycle, the framing timber got re-used, the built-in glass panel cupboard doors are now windows on my…[Read more]

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    petrol garden tools are rapidly becoming the biggest polluters in suburban America.

    My “fun fact” is that in the USA more petrol is spilt filling garden tools every year than was spilt in the exxon Valdez disaster.

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    +1 for battery. Petrol tools are terrible environmentally. Recently bought a battery Stihl mower and strimmer. They are great. Battery lasts well, very quiet.

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    Bermuda business suit?

  • I don’t think you’ll struggle at any unless it is huge. Most will take a car with bikes on the roof so height shouldn’t be an issue. The car parks are usually pretty spacious too. Only places you might have issues is the extra, little mid trail car parks (that do make great wild camp spots). There are a few narrow roads but they are generally…[Read more]

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    The Olympus TZ range is very good. Easy to use and takes good pics.

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    As tomd says, they are probably charging more (or giving you the “go away” price) because you want to doe some work and supply parts. That is much more a pain for them and eats into profits. Do you actually need a bathroom fitter? Do the plumbing bits yourself (assuming roughly like for like), then get a tiler for the floor and tiles and an…[Read more]

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    We’ve taken very young kids on the lifts in morzine. Certainly younger than 5. Never had an issue. The lifties are very accommodating. If there is a rule I’ve never seen it enforced. Loads of kids there. It’s a great family destination. Plenty of riding for all abilities.

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