• I agree with the points above re. Traction and LSD. Unfortunately the M135i is only a “good “RWD up to about 7/10ths. Above that it is quite prickly – I think a combo of open diff, poorly damped/sprung and short wheelbase. There’s not a lot of fun or finesse to be had in the twistys with the traction on/off/in-between. The open diff will just…[Read more]

  • Mdavids – glad to hear it, my local BMW Indie said the N52 is a much stronger and better engine than the N53. 👍 Think that means you also don’t have any of that direct injection nonsense which made mine sound like a diesel on tickover!

  • Mdavids – if it’s the same N53 engine I had in a 325i (2009) unfortunately (after much digging) I found out that there is new hardware required to get up to 30i power not just remap. The 330i of the same ilk has a trick 3-stage/length intake manifold that opens and shuts valves at different rpm creating a mild forced induction effect.

    Mind you i…[Read more]

  • Aye that’s my experience too WS. BMW 6 pots can be surprisingly frugal for their performance/size. I regularly get 40mpg on a run and often get better fuel economy than my wife’s 320i (although some of that is due to the 6 speed manual in hers vs my ZF8B auto). Top Gear reported that the new M135i wasn’t really any better on the juice than the o…[Read more]

  • Aye it’s bloody awful on the eyes too. Like a Focus and an i30 made a baby..

    I’ve got a facelift F20 M135 I’m keeping hold of as there’s no way I’m getting out a 6cyl RWD car for an ugly 4 banger 4 wheel drive.

    As above, get a 6 month old M140?