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    Bloody hell my mates just saw him the other day. Gutted.

  • I make milk kefir it’s really easy and my guts are better for it i recon. Sauerkraut is fairly easy too. Sourdough will help gut flora despite being baked it’s just that the bacteria are dead and so are prebiotic rather than probiotic.

    Uk fermenting friends Facebook group is really useful if you want to get into it.

  • Never heard of that franchise… sounds more like a dodgy pyramid scheme than a business you would want to be a part of. Starting a small business isn’t really that complicated and sounds like you have the contacts but if she doesn’t want to do the actual hands on dirty work at the beginning it may be a no go. If she can then start solo and build…[Read more]

  • myti replied to the topic Noisy eaters… do you tell them? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    In my head i tell them. I’m screaming ‘stop eating liking a fucking horse’ In reality I’m tutting just quietly enough that they don’t notice.

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    I’ve always gone to sleep listening to audio books from a young age. I started when having to stay weekends at my step mum’s who i didn’t like and they comforted me i now fall asleep listening to radio 4 most nights. If you start out listening to a story your mind is relaxed rather than thinking about stuff and then you naturally drift off…[Read more]

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    Unless you hate cats and foxes please don’t put the bones out for them. Particularly chicken bones when cooked shatter and can seriously harm animals. My cat came in gagging once i pinned him down and extracted a chicken bone from the back of his throat.

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    My brexit was going pretty well (bottle of rioja and a veggie tart) till i made the mistake of going on Facebook and I’ve just had this personal message: Sky news said 70 percent of Brighton wanted to stay in Brexit? I know you’re a big remainer so how do you feel that at 11pm the UK doesn’t give a shit about what Brighton thinks? Wtf sho…[Read more]

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    Edl lol!
    But yes the nice stw kind:Aspalls organic cider, white rioja, more Aspalls, puff pasty tart of caramelised shallot, sweet potato, betroot and goat cheese with rocket and watercress salad and 1btnfm. The BEST local radio station ever! When it’s good it’s great.

  • Really all you can do is rest the hand and reduce the repetitive actions that are causing it. Sucks when it’s your job. I had carpal tunnel in right hand and had op a few years ago. Had to take a month off from my gardening job. Also last spring i got tendonitis in my right hand never had it before. Swelling on forearm and painful and felt grindy…[Read more]

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    That’ll teach you to be a cheapskate! 😂

  • We had condensation in our asguard at our old place. Sorry don’t know about solutions but moist air will condense on a cold surface.

  • myti replied to the topic Anyone know about motorhomes? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    We have just bought our 1st motorhome after several years of researching. We found loads of useful info from the motorhome fun site.

    As spooky touched on the biggest thing that could catch you out that you won’t have considered is payload. If you don’t know about this, as i didn’t, do some research as with 4 of you you might struggle to get a van…[Read more]

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    Yes doing French in preparation for a year long trip with France and Morocco as part of it. Absolutely love the app and can’t believe how much you get for free. 136 day streak in the obsidian league. It’s certainly getting harder now but i feel like I’ve learned loads. I do think that i will struggle most with understanding real French being…[Read more]

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    Yes! What tallpaul says.

  • myti replied to the topic Getting car costs down… 🙁 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I spend about £2500 a year on my 56 plate trafic for 5000 miles a year. It’s a work van so tax deductible too. Bought for 4.5k 4 years ago. Serviced in a small garage. Drive carefully etc.

  • Oh yar dahl is great and sooo easy to make. Falafel and Humus pitta is my go to healthy pack lunch bikebouy! Yes we are talking healthy and nutritious not calorie counting here. It’s winter and a little insulation is not the end of the world.

  • Yeah i grow my own toms which i love raw but struggle to enjoy supermarket ones out of season

  • In the spirit of NY resolutions and being good after Christmas what healthy food item, dish or recipe can you not get enough of? I don’t believe in diets so if something is healthy but enjoyable at the same time it win win.

    My go to dish i never tire of is a ramen style noodle bowl. I have it vegan, veggie or meat depending on my mood, vary the…[Read more]

  • I tried to give a leather sofa to charity or freecyle no takers. Put it on Facebook market place for £20 and it went!

  • I’d happily pay it to support bbc radio 4 alone. I listen for hours every day. It teaches me loads, keeps me from boredom at work and helps me sleep at night.

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