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  • That’d be very unlikely on an electronic set up.

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    Don’t they do a 29″ Santa Cruz Chameleon these days?

    The Transition would be on my list. If you fit a medium to XL frame Triton cycles have them (you have to select a size and colour option for it to tell you it’s in stock).

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    I’d disagree and say that wet conditions is when contacts are at their best. Glasses get covered in muck and wetness, then you can’t see out of them and if you clean them you risk scratching them. And uphill in cold wet weather they steam up, but you can’t take them off like you can with clear protective non-prescription glasses.

  • I’d definitely not consider it failing – it’s a voluntary, light hearted challenge. The real aim is to get you doing more than you would normally, and I think that everyone posting has achieved that. If you had a few days off and still want to do it, just keep going til Christmas.

    I’ve realised (agian) that I just bloody love riding my bike.…[Read more]

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    Contact lenses really changed how I ride. Glasses fog up, get covered in crap and don’t offer the variety of tints you’d need a perfect world without adding a lot of expense. You may also find, as I did, that they don’t offer you a complete field of in focus vision – with the head down position on a bike you’ll be looking over them a lot, or…[Read more]

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    A ride I used to love when I lived on the west side of Sheffield was going from Strines up the Foulstone Road to Back Tor, then turning right along the edge. Then turn left, descending a rutted single-track to Green Stitches. That’s not much of anything but the descent that goes between the E and R of Derwent on the 1:50,000 map to the reservoir…[Read more]

  • In no particular order, these were what I fell in love with when I started biking-

    Cannondale Raven 2000

    Specialized DH Team FSR

    A late Klein Mantra

    The Trek VRX with Boxxers.

    Now, I really hanker after an Evil Offering but doubt I’ll be able to afford one.

  • My sister got kicked out of Explorer Scouts about 15 years ago for being a pain in the hoop with the leaders. It has to make things better for everyone when disruptive kids aren’t allowed back.

  • Next you’ll be telling us they’ve removed that essential feature for driving on the public road, the ability to left foot brake! 😮

    Did you really think that, in 2019 when we’re trying to limit climate change, anyone would keep sticking a six cylinder engine in a family hatchback?

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    Based on the stage show, this will be a hilarious and amazingly informative review of how Britain ended up in the EU.

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    I know the one of which Jimmy speaks, his bike inspired me to get a Faran.

    Or, it would have if you could actually buy one. Which for some reason, they won’t let you. And you can’t just buy a Secan either. So I got something else instead. That might be why they’re so niche.

  • I’ve got a Sony Smartwatch. It’s good, but about 3 years old and it seems that’s too old for Strava to care about it.

    The watch has a standalone GPS. I use it to track my rides without draining my phone battery. Originally I used the Strava app on the watch, but 2 years ago this stopped working (it wouldn’t load initially, now it won’t sync-…[Read more]