• Jees even Endura do a pair for that. You better not check assos out your head will pop.

    exactly, a pair of de-feet woolly-boolie are £15 (and very good they are too.

    thing is Rapha are no longer a ‘premium’ brand. roadies have moved on to other brands that are not associated with city twat riders or aspirational cash rich newbs who walk into…[Read more]

  • I think that loo roll needs to be empty or maybe the last half torn sheet?

  • Will there be prints for sale? Would look really good printed huge and framed in the lounge.

    Not my lounge though, but you will be amazed what people hang on their walls…

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Annual electricity use. in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    About 5350kwh. All electric E7 1 bed top floor 80’s built triple glazed, new unvented cylinder overnight immersion only (mostly use shower) new ‘smart’ storage heaters.
    Annual bill is around £550 depending on how cold the winter is.

  • I’m paying £34 for 350mb broadband (broadband only deal).

    and they wanted £35 from me for 100!

    im just going to sit this out for a month and see if i get bumped up to 100 for nothing then call and ask to pay £25.
    would happily pay £35 for 200. will try the ”i want the same deal as everyone else!”

  • so they offered me 70mb (my current speed) for £25 if i sign up for 12 months.
    i said i wanted 100mb for that price as they dont even offer that lower speed and i had read somewhere they were bumping everyone up to 100mb anyway. they said that would be £35.

    told them that was too much and i now had FTTC and would check prices and get back to t…[Read more]

  • i’m paying too £39 for what i think is 80mb (i signed up at 50mb 5 years ago)
    which is too expensive. thing is while there is now openreach FTTC there is an old telephone socket in my hallway but i have just refurbished with new flooring/skirting etc and there is no power socket or space for a router so i’m a bit stuffed.
    i’m not having wires…[Read more]

  • having exclusively shot 10×8, 5×4, 6×6 transparency for about 15 years i couldn’t wait to see the back of it!

    all the linhof/hassleblad gear is sold off. i just don’t get the ‘romance’ and hipster interest. don’t get me wrong it sometimes has a certain quality and i was heavily into cold cathode enlargers, high acutance developers (rodinal, HC-11…[Read more]

  • Talking of which… water hardness. All you coffee aficionados, how does that fit into your one size fits all “this is the best coffee and bestest eva way of making it in the world eva” dogma?

    reverse osmosis or tesco ashbeck spring (as close as ideal TDS and PH for coffee brewing available on the high street)

  • and i got one of these.

  • My go to posh coffee involves pre-ground Aldi coffee

    nothing remotely ‘posh’ about pre ground aldi coffee.

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Smoking break vs Time in lieu in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Nope – you cannot opt out of the 11 hour rest period

    but millions of people do.
    in my industry that goes out the window. i have done 24 hr stints before or sat around from 9am to 11pm waiting for film crew to finish to start shooting stills (a days work).
    film and TV is often unionised but sometimes has compulsory opt outs where you will not g…[Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Smoking break vs Time in lieu in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago


    It’s not

    Can Employees Refuse to Hire Smokers?
    Although it does sound like discrimination it is not against the law for employers to refuse to hire smokers. Even if the employee claims they will not smoke during work hours the employer can still refuse to hire them. One employee in the UK was dismissed 15 minutes after being h…

    [Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Smoking break vs Time in lieu in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    … as is that. It’s unlawful discrimination and you could be hauled up for it. If that’s an actual written company policy a tribunal would have you for breakfast.

    Never going to happen. I employ freelancers on an ad-hoc basis and the place of work is either a hire studio (no smoking) or private/public locations (usually non smoking) i’ll Hire wh…[Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Smoking break vs Time in lieu in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t employ smokers to start with

    That’s my company policy. I employ freelancers but not those that smoke.
    If I worked in an office I would take my old tyre pressure gauge* with me and stand outside holding it for 15min upwind from the smokers/douche-flute wheezers.

    *it looks a bit like a vape thingy.

  • I slept on one in an AirBnB, was comfortable enough for me to lift the sheets and find out what one it was.
    My partner is having an Otto hybrid delivered for her place on Monday but if it’s too hot like a straight memory foam mattress I’ll get a Hovag (currently on the cheapest ikea one but it’s 5 years old now)

  • Some STW users have no idea how much computing power some people need to do what they do – it’s insane.


    Similar to the posts up there, an old school friend of mine does those animations you see on huge screens at genevea motor show and car launches (and other similar displays) he doesn’t use a Mac but I know his video cards are silly…[Read more]

  • I’m also curious as to why folk wouldn’t just rent time on a big fast computer somewhere else?

    Because time is money, why would you travel to use a computer when you can own one yourself? Or you just lease it knowing that the hourly charge for an edit or grading suite in soho means it’s first 2 hours of the week pays for the machi…[Read more]

  • before someone comes back with “mac pro” that’s mid range in the scheme of desktop workstations. Only 1 socket, limited PCIE expansion, only up to 1.5Tb…

    I wouldn’t mind 1.5TB of ram! And 128gb of video memory just to cover any apps that leverage the GPU.

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