• I’m in a similar boat too, though my p3 has been sat doing nothing for 5 years and has a dry bearing and I need to replace the sumiko blue point special which is a bit long in the tooth now.
    Thing is I have just got rid of a pre/power and bought a naim unitiqute2 no phono stage so there’s that to buy too. Streaming (Tidal)is great but some alb…[Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic uPVC installer advice please in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Re the paint thing. Friends of mine have just had all their UPVC windows painted anthracite grey. They were sprayed and look great. Evidently there is a zinniser product that’s good but the sprayer said there was another product that lasts even longer but not cheap at £40/L which they went with.
    Any decent DIY shop should have frame sealant in di…[Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Older films in 4k worth it? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    probably yes because the digital intermediary would have been 2 or 4k if shot on film like the early potter films and that scan/sampling/conversion will be better than your tv upscaling from an SD version to 4k.

    there may be some instances where it’s just been a basic upscale so not much difference but if it’s a proper studio remaster for blu…[Read more]

  • When you get served a bad meal at a restaurant do you then just post a thread saying ‘all restaurants are crap!!’

    in a thread about eating out or recommendations for restaurants you will get some reports of poor service or food. will be way less than reports of no-shows in a thread about tradesmen though.

    why do you think they have a bad rep…[Read more]

  • that’s tradesmen for you*.
    when i was having my kitchen done i just went out half an hour after the appointed time and had a coffee. you waste my time then i’m going to waste yours.

    obviously if you are waiting for a boiler fix or water leak you can’t do that. in just about any other business you would lose customers but because of demand they…[Read more]

  • Get yourself to TK-Max and spend £100 on a £300-£400 wool coat that fits you.
    There are some bargains to be had in the gold label section if you are prepared to dig.

  • I don’t own one myself but I have retouched a few jobs shot on one, the files hold up better than the MK II which was the last canon I owned but I think the Sony is a better sensor (I shoot on a Cambo Actus with a 7rIII) a friend of mine is a car photographer who sold all his Hblad gear (pre Sony sensor) and now shoots on a 5R in the studio w…[Read more]

  • Radio paradise eclectic mix (or rock, pop etc) all you get is a softly spoken ad a couple of times an hour asking to donate. High bit rate too if you have a decent streamer/hi-fi
    How anyone can listen to commercial radio with those shouty compressed ads?

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Christmas Port. in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Kopke Colheita 1979

    I’ll do something similar, always go for a Colheita as all the ageing is done by by the house/shipper as it’s bottled ready to drink and it will drink well for more than 48hours after opening.

  • 54??
    i sometimes get caught out so probably buy 2-3 a year but have one folded up at the bottom of my bag most of the time or a tote bag, most people have tote bags as you get inundated with them if you go to any events.

    those people who just keep buying them obviously don’t care about waste or the environment.

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Retailers who use MyHermes in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I’m first home to find they’ve left a package in our (mercifully empty) wheelie bin, but it’s obviously not a full face helmet sized package, but could very easily be clothes. I’ve been instructed not to open it, as it’s an Xmas present for me, but we aren’t expecting anything from anyone else, so what’s happened there then?

    It might be my coffee table?

  • A lot of brainy creative types get into cabinet making

    Do people of average intelligence who can work to other people’s designs get into it too?

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Retailers who use MyHermes in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Had an item delivered by Hermes today. It’s been left in the outbuilding….I don’t have an outbuilding.

    Ah like the coffee table I was sat waiting in for that was “posted through your letterbox”.
    Basically at 5pm the Friday before Christmas the driver is not going to waste an hour driving to mine to do his job and deliver it. Either that or t…[Read more]

  • I imagine there is also something in the understanding of the per hour rate charged vs the per hour rate received as pay. Your hypothetical masseuse is charging 60 per hour, I guess many would reason “I’m not being payed 60 per hour they can jog on they must be raking it in”. As a not self employed person have no idea how much per hour my emplo…

    [Read more]

  • MrSmith replied to the topic Detail Sander or Multi tool? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I asked this a while back and ended up with a multi tool after the advice given, best thing I have bought ever, so useful for diy jobs and I have taken on jobs that I just wouldn’t have known how to do without it. But I did just buy a palm sander simply because it was cheap and a better tool for the job and I wouldn’t want to do all the doors and…[Read more]

  • On bulb at the moment but they have not contacted me about a smart meter, can’t find a way to request. Pita at the moment as we have two circuits so it’s only the night storage that is charged at cheap rate the hot water is still on the expensive meter when on at night.

    can’t you just fit a cylinder with 2 immersions? thats what i have (i’m…[Read more]

  • take-away restaurants often leave tubs of old cooking oil in the street, if you get the right kind of take-away the oil will contain lamb/beef/chicken fats to improve the mix.
    1 can will last you a lifetime.

    or do what normal people do and buy a tub/tube of chamois cream for a few quid.

  • Canada goose and a full length one at that. Warmer than an outdoors activity type jacket just don’t do anything above strolling around as you will boil.
    I have a chateau parka and wear it a few days every winter but only if it’s freezing or below or I’m standing around outside on a shoot all day.

  • Nope – I work in the scottish NHS which is completely separate and has nothing to do with London


    do they treat myopia?

  • What does declaring a national emergency actually mean?

    KFC running out of chicken?

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