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  • Hand the car back – you are already paying BIK on it – the 10p charge is taking the piss. Tell them to supply a pool car in future.
    HR will get away with what ever it can ….

  • mrmoofo replied to the topic Thule footpack compatibility in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    ^ he / she makes a very good point ….

  • Big “establishment is rotten to the core and the little guys pay for it” movie…

    So no wonder that Hollywood thought it was really amazing.
    TBH, I found it unpleasant, disturbing and and dull.

    Phoenix;s acting was very convincing – but the more I read about him, the more I wonder if he was actually acting that much. He is a troubled man.

    If…[Read more]

  • mrmoofo replied to the topic Chub Club 2020 in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Down 15 kg since Jan 2nd …

  • mrmoofo replied to the topic Sex education in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    The second series is somewhat a disappointment… like so many things they are milking it to death

  • Two pairs of sealskins later … and they seem to work (though the temp was 5 or so degrees warmer).
    Went out for a ride on friday – no sealskinz – and feet started to go numb …

  • I lived in CH on the basis if these for two 4 year periods. But unfortunately it was all done via PWC or E&Y.
    And I am now aware that my old employers got all the benefits …

    Are there any good Anglo- Israeli tax accountants around?

  • mrmoofo replied to the topic Norton goes bust in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Belstaff – has the sales number got anything to do with a limited market for 500 GBP wax jackets?
    Odd – when they used to be the staple of the skint student biker on the late ’70s ( but then again, so were Lewis Leathers).

    Norton, in it current incarnation, has been going down the tubes for ages … I would guess mis-management and an inability…[Read more]

  • Just going to try some fisherman’s neoprene socks .
    And will wander down to Halford an buy some shoe covers….

    Re Sealskinz – there is a brand called otter socks. Cheaper – but rubbish ?? I would pay anything for warm feet. But off the 40 quid for a pair of socks seems astonishing… plastic bags would be cheaper … and may show if it is…[Read more]

  • The On One merinos aren’t warm enough for freezy rides IME.

    I wear Defeet Woolie Boolies in the cold. And as above, make sure there’s enough room in your boots.

    Prepared to try anything …
    But On-One (not known for consistent quality) are 69% merino wool
    Woolie Boolie are 49% merino wool

    So thinkness may come into it – but why are WB the solution?

  • The boots are not overly tight ( and have a bit toe box, so toes can move) but laces can be loosened.
    I was wearing some running tights with a fleecy liner , then shorts on top. My feet didn’t get wet , but my arse did … so core temp may contribute.
    I was not wearing anything as a layer between my head an helmet – but that will be corrected…[Read more]

  • I have posted before – went out last night with a group. It was cold – but other than my head, I was well covered.
    I have cold feet issues – so in the winter, I ride with a pair of Keen waterproof boots on and flat pedals ( all industrial grade cycle specific boots seem to be SPD). They are fine and work well.
    But I feet become blocks of ice -…[Read more]

  • How much is a KTM SM 950?

  • I don’t tend to set the bike up in the lounge 🙂
    Thanks – it was working today

  • Mine seems to be possessed.
    I set it up, re calibrate the pressure, it asks if I want to start a new session, I say yes. And off we go …
    And then some stage in the ride it will decide to as me if I want to start an new session – and stops monitoring…
    4 rides wit shockwiz – two have worked , two have been abortive.
    Any suggestions

  • I do get it and nothing has changed since Harry’s mother was constantly hounded which undoubtedly contributed to her death. It really is depressing.

    Can we get over this now. Diana was not killed by the press – but by her own choices. Drunk driver, no seat belt and a partner who tipped off the paps for his own ego purposes. ( Or maybe it w…[Read more]

  • Just answering the Land Cruiser question – I have driven a few. In fact, one across South Africa to Botswana.
    It was horrible and wallowy on the road, and horrible and wallowy off road.

    TBH, it is going to cost more but looks like I will be BMW X3/5 buying …

  • Thanks all, well worth posting on here to get the feedback.
    Whilst I like the idea of one, the faults and the issues you mention would make it non-viable for m.
    I already know it has a worn suspension arm and a brake disc that is within tolerance but will need replacing …
    So it’s going to be a very sensible “no”

  • I have been offered a 2.7D Land Rover discovery at a good price. It would be a very practical car for what i need – rather than the toy I would like.
    It will be 11 years old, in very good nick, and well cared for. But the running costs are slightly frightening – mpg I can cope with – but 570 gbp for road tax is salty.
    Anyone had one, and what…[Read more]

  • mrmoofo replied to the topic Frame snapped at chainstay in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    It’s failed twice – would you every trust it again?

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