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    If it is them then they are legit but be aware they do take a serious chunk out of any old unclaimed dividends.

    Even if they take 95% in commission that is still 5% more than the other half has now, or even realised she had this morning.

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    she does have Bradford and bingley shares, or had until they went bust? beyond that?

    The contact was via the post not a phone call which would have been far more questionable.

    The prepaid envelope address they have provided does tie to a real address associated to them.

    I guess send the form back and see what they have to say. anyway thanks.

  • The SO has recieved a letter from a company called Computershare and they are asking whether she is the person who lived at an address previously,(she is), referencing unclaimed funds.

    I am assuming it is these people, anyone know what the contact would be about and, I assume they are going to say for a small fee we can reunite? Had anyone any…[Read more]

  • might be worth looking up the Monaghan bombings, the British state was complicit in a lot of stuff that happened. Should there be prosecutions, I am not sure, what really matters is that there is the truth comes out. If getting the truth means an amnesty then so be it.

    Re Soldier F if you lie and lie and repeatedly lie, even when offered a way…[Read more]

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    The estimated delivery takes 7-17 business days after processing. Business day are Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

    That is what it says on the page, make of that what you will.

  • i can see how you ban adverts, i am not so sure how you ban political figures and bots amplifying.

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    thanks for that, its a non smart TV, but looks like it may work. More money for bike bits.

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    Being ill over the weekend and realised i have a virgin subscription and basically don’t watch any of the extra TV channels, beyond Eurosport.

    So thinking if i were to get something like an Apple TV and ditch the Virgin TV subscription, then get a subscription to Eurosport player would this work? What are the boxes that this would work for?

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    just got a Toro mk11 for commuting on Cotswolds lanes, so far used it once. It works, it is far brighter than I need if I use the high settings. However having lots of light means I can spot the potholes, gravel, fallen branches, etc.

    A very ,minor point, it has lots of modes, however I can see very few being used once I figure out which make…[Read more]

  • I was involved in a hit and run, police got the driver and past me the details, emailed Admiral with receipts, they called back made an offer and done.From the email to payout was a week. Maybe I could have pushed harder but why bother, it covered my damages plus a bit? Car insurance is as expensive as it is because people try and play for more.

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    What i came up with and seems to work ok,

    MT900 chainset, XT shifter, SLX rear mech and chain, and Sunrace 11-50 cassette.
    The cassette is an interim solution until Hope release a microdrive freehub.

    It hasn’t had a lot of user yet, but so far so good. Personally i would never touch Sram, but others will disagree.

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    last up date was only a couple of weeks ago so suggests still about

    what I do note is the numbers are different ???