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  • mjsmke replied to the topic MOT failures in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago

    My garage tell me that if they pass too many cars with ‘ no fault found’ the dvla come looking as no car is fault free in they’re opinion.

    The DVLA must have a field day with Skoda then! My car could be on fire with the wheels falling off and they would still say “No fault found”.

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    They’d go over my 3 year old Skoda thats worth about 11k and say “Faulty DSG box… thats now worth about 7K. Electrical faults every time you press the horn, now its worth 6K. Starting issues, 5k. Oh its a VAG group car, £500.

    Personally I’d bite their arm off for the £500.

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    If everyone orders similar amounts then split equally.
    If some are drinking lots, and others not. Then pay for what you order.

    When I was about 23 I went out with a group who were quite heavy drinkers (4 – 5 drinks during dinner). I’d have one soft drink and they wanted to split the bill. I wasn’t prepared to pay £45 when I only ordered £15 worth.

  • Don’t rule out a dead mouse because you have a dog. We had mice getting in and stealing food from our cat’s bowl for a number of weeks before sourcing the entry hole. The cat did nothing. Just asked for more food. Probably cut a deal with the mouse. Ba***rd.

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    Some big plastic bottles for water too. There are drinking taps there but often a queue for them and gets slippery there at night.

    If you’re likely to get up during the night to pee, having a bottle to pee in while in your tent is better than walking outside to the facilities. Unless you’re sharing a tent of course!

    Bring suncream just in case.…[Read more]

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  • The thick black line looks a bit suspect to me.

  • mjsmke started the topic New Phone time in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    So I need a replacement for my 4 year old Samsung S6. Sim free, Android OS, not the size of an ironing board, and budget of about £350.

    Had a look at Samsung’s A70 but its far too big for everyday use or while riding.

    The Samsung A50 is a little smaller, good reviews but not particularly high spec.
    A close contender would be the Honor 20 but…[Read more]

  • mjsmke replied to the topic Non fault car bump. in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    If no damage don’t get your insurance company involved. Insurance is there to make claims not to log everything you do.

    I had someone hit my car from behind years ago. It was hard enough to shatter his number plate and fold his bonnet but just a scuff on my bumper. I checked the next day and there was no damage so told him not to worry about it.

  • You could always sell or donate things you don’t want or don’t need. Plenty of people and animals don’t even have heating or food this Christmas.

  • mjsmke replied to the topic 3D printer.. plans to print in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    There are some free programs out there that are pretty easy to learn. That way you could model and print anything you like.
    I’ve made a few useful tools and even parts for a home made bike rack for inside the car.

  • mjsmke started the topic Winter Jacket in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Any good deals on winter jackets at the moment? Under £100.

    Currently have a Decathlon rain jacket thats good for temps below 10 degrees. Its getting old and the elastic has fallen out of the sleeves so time for a replacement.

  • Crests only do 24 hole for their 24 inch rims

  • Slight hijack; What light XC rims with 24 holes have you found?

  • Catalina is pretty awful. Untill all the bugs are fixed anyway.

    As said above, roll back to Mojave from a backup/clone. If you don’t have a backup it’s more difficult but not impossible.

  • When importing files to iTunes they should automatically transfer into your music folder. If they don’t automatically move, manually copy them there. I’ve had this with a few files but never lost a file completely. Have you tried right clicking on the track in iTunes then selecting ‘view in Finder’?

    I once made the mistake of ticking the “keep…[Read more]

  • mjsmke replied to the topic Skoda Yeti vs…? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Latest experience of the local dealer from yesterday:

    At the weekend it had a service and MOT where they said they checked the horn switch on the steering wheel, the fuses, and horns themselves so ordered a new relay under warranty. It was then booked in for Tuesday and I dropped the car off Monday evening.

    I called them at 16:45 for an update…[Read more]

  • mjsmke replied to the topic Skoda Yeti vs…? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    What a nightmare. Sorry to hear that. I know it is difficult when that shit happens but try and be rational. Are they saying it is NOT under warranty?

    Have they tried and change the oil in the DSG box? This shouldn’t happen.

    With the DSG box they kept saying “No fault found” even though I took one of them on a test drive and the fault h…[Read more]

  • mjsmke replied to the topic Skoda Yeti vs…? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’d forgotten about the Citroens so having a look now.

    What issues are you having/had? Thinking of replacing our Fabia with a Yeti, so I’m interested.

    Design wise its great and cant fault it there. It’s dealing with Skoda thats put me off. The DSG box takes a long time (20 mins the other day when it was 6 d…[Read more]

  • mjsmke replied to the topic Skoda Yeti vs…? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    The Sportage looks nice so might book a test drive.

    I wouldn’t take another VAG car even if it was free. Mines done 12k miles and with the experience I’ve had, cant see it making it to 20k without costing a lot of money.

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