• Various Pi’s with PiCorePlayer running around the house, one with LMS (Logitech Media Server) and external drive holding all the music, you can configure all this through PiCorePlayer I also use HiFiBerry DACs for amps that don’t have HDMI.

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    I find having multiple HD’s for raw footage/scratch/final cut helps with encoding time and doing things quickly, especially if you have multiple videos like Picture in Picture. I haven’t kept up with times, still on 1080/GoPro Hero 3 so not sure if SSD’s have made this irrelevant for 4k.

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    Retropie user here. Spent many hours installing/getting games to work, ArcadePunks helped reduce that down ;-). Playing anything from ZX Spectrum to PS1/PC Quake/Doom/DOS games. It comes out a couple of times a year for an evening or two, TNMNT MAME version is still the go to game, along with THPS1/2 on the PS1.

  • Managed to get quite a bit of printing done over the last few weeks. Unfortunately most of them were scrapped due to poor quality or being out of tolerance. 🙁 Bearings, bushes and rods need replacing, it makes a horrid noise on small fast movements and its a 50/50 chance of it failing a print. Also wanting to print in other materials and my…[Read more]

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    I would drop an email to places like Saddleback who are Intense distributors.

    BTW It looks bloody awesome! 😉

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    I found kitchen/bathroom wipes and polish caused the rubber to breakdown and become sticky. It would be a week or so later that it started getting sticky.

  • I disagree, they are still £3k+ for a decent 55/65″ OLED TV, yes you can buy them under £2k but I’ve found the picture to be quite poor in comparison. Personally I wouldn’t spend this sort of money on a TV with the direction TV’s are currently taking, hence buy cheap then buy a decent one in a few years.

  • I never said a £300 TV is good for 4K/HDR, but they are better than a 5-10 year old 1080p TV which is probably what the OP currently has, its a stop gap as the new wave of TV tech starts in 2020. You have to spend well over 2k for a decent 4K/HDR TV picture, even then they don’t seem that great when streaming compressed video from Netflix/online…[Read more]

  • The PS5 will likely have G-Sync support or some form of it. The new high end OLED LG TV’s have this built in, 2020 is the year for TV’s becoming monitors, offering low input lag and G-Sync support. Unfortunately it’s only LG that support G-Sync/VRR at the moment. I believe the PS5 may also support higher than 60fps, most TV’s are currently…[Read more]

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    I’ve been through Lavazza Crema e Aroma, Super Crema, Pienaroma, Pelican Rouge and some local roasted stuff so far in my Melitta Barista and boringly prefer the Lavazza Crema e Aroma. Currently on Pelican Rouge but it’s a bit harsh for me. Not really too keen on spending £20-30 per kilo which probably narrows it down somewhat. For an all roun…

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    Well I thought this would be a good film:

    Ryan Reynolds – Check
    Action – Check
    Car Chases – Check

    I am quite surprised that I thought this was a complete pile of shit. I don’t know how long it was, but it was too long, liked the Storyline, but now I know I don’t like Michael Bay as a director. As for the soundtrack, that was well off too.

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    Thanks guys! Ordering Pelican Rouge 1863 and Italian Job for now.

    I had a look at Pact subscription, but I have no idea how many cups of coffee we drink and I have no idea how expensive it would be. We go through 1.5Kg of beans a month for two of us.

    Wow, some of those beans are pretty expensive! £30 for a kilo is a little rich for me.

    Found…[Read more]

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    Looking for Coffee Beans for a Bean to Cup machine for Espresso & Americano’s.

    My go to bean has bean Spiller & Tate but could really do with a bit more variety! I’ve tried Coffee Masters & Hampshire Coffee and find them quite good, but tend to go back to Spiller & Tate.

    What beans do you use/recommend?

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    Angel Wax H2Go here too.. Better than RainX and lasts longer. With both products, not cleaning your screen properly means you get fogging/misting, even when the RainX is working fine.

    You have to clean your windscreen first.
    Wash Screen
    Possibly Tar/TRF remover
    Clay Screen
    IPA Screen – I use painters wipes

    Now it’s ready to apply.

  • You have to be super catious at junctions, see the link below for the reasons. If you don’t have time, its to do with our brains filling in the blanks when we scan the road. I’m sure somone else has posted it previously.

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    These usually come on runflats, this can make the ride harsh… But as its 12 year old suspension, it should feel a little nicer than 10 years ago! If you find the ride harsh, you can ditch the runflats which makes it feel a lot nicer.

    On the stero front: Business Audio is complete rubbish (1x Sub, 2x Door Mids, 2x Shelf Mids, rubbish amp). The…[Read more]