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    Steel MTB frames are not galvanised. It adds a chunk of weight and the high temperatures involved would potentially trash any fancy alloy / heat treated steel. It also needs fairly large fill / drain holes in every little tube.

    Good manufacturers use phosphate dip coatings prior to powder coat / paint – iron, zinc or manganese phosphate…[Read more]

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    Who’d have thought a park in Salford would continually deliver such a good course!

    Rode a bit meh but hardly surprising as cx bike hasn’t moved since Ulverston. Should really have checked it over as the front brake lunched the pads and spring 2 minutes before the start….. Luckily no need for the brake in the race (just annoying crunching and…[Read more]

  • I’m with maxtorque – it is a lot more eroded, damaged and semi-permanent (in human lifetime terms not geological time) once covered in concrete or tarmac. A muddy track vanishes very quickly if you leave it alone.

  • 🙂 must admit I only stumbled on them last week. Tempted to try a set but rest of family is kind of standardised on 2pot and think (but not 100%) it means keeping stock of another shape of pad.

  • I’m more annoyed by the misinformation in FGF. “Shimano’s 4 piston brake technology has trickled down to SLX”

    But what is rarely mentioned is that Shimano very quietly launched very good 4 piston brakes right down to Acera / Alivio level. The Germans will sell you a complete f & r set for under £100!

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    We’re actually planning to turn up…. Listening to the constant overnight rain and knowing Marl Pitts reputation put us off last Saturday so we sacked it and had Sunday mtb in the Lakes instead 🙂

    As a lunchtimewaster I started plotting the number of NW race starters over the season. Not finished yet but some interesting trends early vs late…[Read more]

  • They’re great – you’ll have a long and happy life together 🙂

    I’ve just realised the absurdity of my last post – buy the bottle cages (a bit of bent wire) and then make my own overcomplicated frame to attach them to……

    Time to buy some stainless!

  • Salsa Nickless cages if you can find them. Absolutely the best I’ve used in 30 years of mtb.

    Very durable and secure. Don’t wear. Don’t leave black goop on your bottle like worn aluminium cages. I’ve got two in permanent mtb use, often with oversize 1 litre bottles. One just cracked a weld after 10 years, but as they are stainless I just silver…[Read more]

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    The new chainstays are different material / crimping and as far as I’m aware don’t have any memory of what happened to the old ones…. Why should the rider trust them less than the chainstays on any other steel bike?

  • mick_r replied to the topic Frame snapped at chainstay in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Sounds like you really want the clearance so try crimping. Go steady and it shouldn’t be a disaster….

    If you cock up or it cracks later then I’ll convert it to a plate yoke. I can get the plate laser cut foc, and can reuse / leave the majority of the stays in situ (just chop out the front bit). After this tale of disaster you can just cover postage.

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    Well done folks.

    Now little Ms rat likes bike racing, will you be trying Kirri 10 this year? Be nice to do a rerun of no. 1 where we first met you 🙂

  • I’ve got an Asgard garden shed for brazing / playing with fire. Also got over general DIY stuff dumped in there. All dry and no condensation. Guess you are either storing wet stuff in there (bikes after washing / riding?) or working in there during cold weather (breathing out water vapour).

  • Practice sessions on race weekend are pretty useful – lots of opportunity to watch how other riders do stuff smoothly. If you find someone that looks nice and steady / controlled then ask if you can follow them down it – that sorts out your speed and line choice.

    The features are generally designed to just be ridden. The people crashing are…[Read more]

  • No they aren’t racing downhill, but they aren’t exactly lacking in skills… They can ride more tech than most people on STW 🙂

  • Go to a National XC race and more than 90% of the youth / juvenile race (12-16 yrs male and female) is riding 29ers. None of them look like the wheel size is a hindrance.

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    Careful with the handles as there are loads and loads of different lock-screw-handle spacings, some of which are pretty obsolete and you just can’t get anymore (certainly not in high security versions).

    We managed to get matching handles for 2 out of 3 doors. The 3rd one looked like the same handle would work but the door internals were…[Read more]

  • mick_r replied to the topic Criminals / Lock Smiths Of STW in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Various BS kite marked ones.

    There is a star rating 1 to 3 based on security (same with handles that protect the lock). Strangely a 1 star lock in combination with a 1 star handle can sometimes equal 3 star overall rating when used together(!). Think all our locks are Asec. You don’t need a locksmith.

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    It would probably cost me £140 just for the tubing in UK (but that would be cromo not gas pipe).

    I’m due another frame project and even have a new rear Sachs 3spd coaster hub and bmx rim ready built and waiting….

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    Most seatposts derive from imperial anyway eg the common 27.2mm came about as it was the nominal post reamed bore of a typical 1 1/8″ bike tube.

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